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Brayson's Pro Craic - This Week at Fightstorepro March 1st to 7th 2020

What many people may not realise by visiting our online store, is that Fightstorepro is in many ways more than just a Fight equipment store.

Over the ten years it’s been running, Fight store Pro’s store has become a central point, a hub, a place where people on the combat sports scene in the North East area can meet, chat, organise and network. So we thought it’d be fun to have a weekly blog on the events, comings and going, movers and shakers at Fight Store Pro on Team Valley, Gateshead.

This week we had local amateur MMA fighter Sean Gilley rock up to buy himself some essential kit as he gears up for a big 2020 on the fight scene. Nothing so unusual about an amateur fighter arriving at the store to buy some new fight gear but Sean has an interesting background.

Newcastle based Sean Gilley (@GilleyOfficial) is a former MTV International DJ and music producer. Whilst Sean's music has gained him massive gigs such as a performance on Floyd Mayweathers “Undefeated Tour” and his modern celebrity status has brought offers of joining the casts of reality TV shows such as Big Brother, Ex on the Beach etc, Sean turned them all down with a view of pursuing his MMA career.

In 2018, Sean decided to place his music career on hold to pursue one in Mixed martial arts. Initially Sean had trained for a number of years with several of the UK’s top coaches but eventually settled under the tutelage of UK MMA pioneer and BJJ black belt, Peter Irving at Newcastle fight centre in Shieldfield to start build his MMA career.

March 2019 saw Gilley make his MMA debut at one of the best shows in the UK, Ontop 22 losing to fellow debutant Hamish McKinnie, by a close decision.  The initial setback proved only that he belonged in the cage which has doubled down Gilley’s determination to succeed in the Cage. With an unorthadox, but effective striking style, we look forward to seeing what he can produce in 2020.

As far as the equipment goes, Sean needed some additional Revgear training T-shirts, because as anyone who trains in mixed martial arts will know, we can go through a whole load of training shirts in any one week, and Danger Super max Shin guards and gloves for kick boxing sparring.



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