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Heavy Bags for Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing

Choosing the perfect punch bag or heavy bag may seem simple, but at Fightstorepro, we understand the complexities that lie beneath. With years of customer experience across various combat sports, we're aware that seemingly easy decisions can become frustrating without proper guidance.

Top-tier punching bags by renowned brands – Fairtex, Twins, Probox, and Revgear. Heavy bags available for Muay Thai, boxing, in 4ft, 6ft & 7ft. Crafted for precision, power, and durability, these bags ensure lifelike weight distribution. 

Our team at Fightstore Pro can have a punching bag filled & shipped out to your location in the UK. Complete video guide 

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What types of punch bags do we sell?

Choosing the right type of bag can seem daunting at first. Even if you've been training for a while, you likely only have enough space or budget for so many bags, so knowing which you need for your training style is key. At Fightstore Pro we sell Boxing punch bags for Muay Thai, Boxing & MMA.


Fairtex heavy bag

The Fairtex Heavy Bag - available in 4ft, 6ft & 7ft.

They are primarily sold to Mauy Thai, Kickboxing & MMA Gyms throughout the UK.

Twins punching bags

Twins bags are a popular addition to many Boxing & Muay Thai gyms in the UK.

Originally a Thai brand, they have been gaining a reputation in the boxing community due to their prime quality & affordability. Twins heavy bags are available in 4ft, 6ft & 7ft.

Pro box punching bag

A pro box bag can come in a range of shapes for multiple functions. We stock 4ft, 6ft, 7ft bags. Floor to ceiling speedballs, uppercut Probox bags & more. Made from leather they are made to withstand heavy work from active gyms.

Revgear MMA punching bag

A Revgear MMA punching bag (4ft, 6ft, 7ft) is becoming a common site at gyms in the UK due to their versatility, high-quality materials and range of designs/shapes. They are available filled/unfilled for shipping or collection.


Know which is best for your sport specific requirements.


Discover the pinnacle of Muay Thai training with our authentic Muay Thai Heavy Bags, Tear drop knee bags proudly crafted in Thailand. Featuring renowned brands like Fairtex, Twins, Probox, and Revgear, our collection caters to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Available in 4ft, 6ft, & 7ft filled or unfilled, these bags offer versatility for all training levels.

Filled with shock-absorbent materials, they guarantee lasting durability and exceptional performance. Unleash your potential with our Muay Thai 6ft bags – the ultimate edition to your pro or home gym.

Boxing punching bags

Crafted meticulously from luxurious leather, our heavyweight bags (4ft, 6ft, 7ft) pack a powerful punch.

Choose from a spectrum of colors – black, brown, white, blue, red, and green – to match your style. Elevate your training with the finest boxing equipment that promises durability, performance, and knockout results. 

MMA punching bags

MMA punching bags & uppercut bags need to cover a wide range of movements from striking to grappling. That’s why we stock everything from (4ft, 6ft, 7ft) heavy bags to wrestling throwing dummies. 

We aim to cover all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts with our bag designs and can offer advice on choosing the best options for your gym.

punch bag sizes

3ft Heavy Bags

Designed with precision, 3ft heavy bags are perfect for honing accuracy and agility.

Despite its compact size, it offers lifelike weight distribution, allowing boxers to practice quick combinations and refine close-range techniques.

4ft Heavy Bags

A 4ft punch bag strikes the ideal balance between size and versatility.

Whether you're perfecting jabs, crosses, or hooks, this bag's weight distribution provides realistic resistance for enhancing your boxing skills.

6ft Punch Bags

For the ultimate training experience, a 6ft bag delivers unparalleled realism. Embrace the challenge of training against a target that mirrors the weight distribution of a true opponent, refining your technique and endurance.

Each of our bags, from 3ft to 6ft, is constructed with durability in mind, ensuring it can withstand intense training sessions

7ft Punching Bag

Step up your training with 7ft bag.

Tailored for comprehensive workouts, it mimics the weight distribution of a sparring partner, enabling you to practice power punches and footwork with authenticity.

Why choose a Muay Thai Punch or Heavy bag?

What is the ideal height for a Muay Thai heavy bag in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA training?

The ideal height for a Muay Thai heavy bag is typically around 72 to 78 inches. This height allows practitioners of various heights to practice their strikes effectively, including punches, kicks, and knee strikes. It ensures a versatile training tool suitable for a range of techniques commonly used in these martial arts.

Are Muay Thai heavy bags suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA?

Yes, Muay Thai heavy bags are generally suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA. Beginners can benefit from the larger striking surface to develop basic techniques, while advanced practitioners can use the same bag to refine their precision and power. The adjustable height and durable construction make 6-foot bags versatile for a wide range of skill levels.

What features should I look for in a high-quality Muay Thai heavy bag?

When choosing a Muay Thai heavy bag, look for features such as high-density padding for impact absorption, sturdy construction with reinforced seams, and an adjustable height mechanism. A durable outer shell made from quality materials like synthetic leather or heavy-duty vinyl is essential to withstand the intensity of strikes. Additionally, a secure hanging system and proper weight distribution are crucial for stability during training sessions, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience.

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