Ran by Fighters, For Fighters we combine expert knowledge with a passion for combat sports.

The aim of our store Fight Store Pro was, and still is, to take everything we know from our many years experience in the combat sports we have trained and fought in, to build an online store geared to every dedicated amateur, coach and seasoned pro who will appreciate that we only stock true quality fight gear, martial arts & Boxing equipment we feel represents quality, durability and importantly value for money.

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For over 10 years Fight Store Pro (#Fightstorepro) has been sourcing, testing and offering up, the best selection of quality fight gear products to the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Since the store first started in 2009 from a small office above FSPRO founder and lifelong martial artist, Alex Wright's (@Endof73) Cyclone Marital Arts gym in 2009, Fight Store Pro has become known as being somewhat different to both its original competitors and those who have come along since. 
So what makes FIGHTSTOREPRO different?

  • Expert knowledge of the gear we sell - It would be fair to say that as everyone except the warehouse staff at Fightstorepro have a minimum of 10 years experience in at least one of the major combat sports, that we are qualified to offer good advice to our customers. Gear Guru Alex's popular Brutal Fight Gear Reviews YouTube Channel is one of the best on YT 
  • We focus on products which represent VALUE & QUALITY, Not its Name or Brand awareness- In order to be on FIGHTSTOREPRO's website we need a product to offer something to the store over and above what others on the store do not. We regularly reject 80% of a brands full inventory, challenge the overall market view and add in brands people largely don't know. We have championed brands that when we started with them were unknown in the UK such as Top King, Revgear, Rival Boxing, Fuji Sports and Tenacity. 
  • We don't follow trends, we start them - When Alex started Fightstore in 2009 all of his first brands were all relatively unknown in the UK at the time. Top King Boxing is the best example, albeit there have been many. Started in 2009 TOP KING was a new brand. Alex imported it into the UK via a Thai contact and whilst his competition preferred to stick with Fairtex, Twins and better known brands, Alex saw an innovative, high quality brand in Top King and went where others did not. This has continued for many years including rejecting what seem like the popular option in favour of quality and real choice.

FSPRO has become known for its excellent Boxing, Muay Thai and Kick Boxing selection. We have championed brands unheard of at the time such as Top King in 2009, Revgear in 2011 and RIVAL boxing in 2013. We continue to bring the best gear from both known brands such as FairtexTwinsRevgear SportsVenum and Rival as well as lesser known but equally excellent new comers such as Thailand based Danger Equipment and NYC Union Boxing.

For grappling we stock a massive selection for BJJ, Wrestling and No Gi Jiu Jitsu including the finest gear from Fuji SportsKingz & Revgear who are all leading brands in America, and fast becoming the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi of choice for top competitors and coaches throughout Europe. 

As well as creating a leading online store, we also wanted to create a great news site that focused on articles and advice from genuine industry leaders & professionals. On our blog you will find advice from top boxers, Kick boxers, Muay Thai fighters and UFC stars. Founder Alex Wright is an encyclopaedia of Fight industry knowledge with his hugely popular YouTube reviews as well as his friends across the Combat Sports industry chipping in to help our customers.

Fightstorepro has a full showroom and store based in Team Valley, Gateshead where you can visit, get involved, see the full range of equipment and get the best possible advice on the right fight gear for you.  

We even have a fully functioning Combat Sports Gym, complete with competition boxing ring, cross fit racks and cage walls, all of which you can order via the store.



Don’t buy your Fight Gear from a Fight Shop....Buy Your Fight Gear from THE PRO STORE....FIGHTSTOREPRO



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