13KGHT80 Union Boxing Gloves - Blue – FightstorePro
Union Boxing Gloves - Blue - FightstorePro
Union Boxing Gloves - Blue - FightstorePro
Union Boxing Gloves - Blue - FightstorePro
Union Boxing Gloves - Blue - FightstorePro
Union Boxing Gloves - Blue - FightstorePro

Union Boxing Gloves - Blue

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Union Boxing Sparring Gloves

Union Boxing Gloves are a high-quality retro-styled, boxing glove designed in New York City, USA. They have a rounder hand fit than many of the modern styled "Mexican" gloves, affording great protection for both the user and sparring partners.

Constructed with full leather outer and a satin-lined glove the Union Retro Sparring Glove is both stylish and practical for any boxer.

If you are looking for the perfect stylish boxing glove and want to stand out in the crowd, Union Boxing is for you. Be sure to pick up some of the essentials for boxing sparring, such as hand wraps, a gum shield, or even some focus mitts for drills.

Key Benefits - Union Boxing Sparring Glove

  • Stylish Retro Design
  • Full Premium Leather Construction
  • Deep multi-layer padding with rounded knuckle protection
  • Perfect Thumb Position
  • Long length wrist with Velcro fastening for easy glove switch/on/off
  • Available in 14, 16 oz 


The Union Boxing Sparring Glove is a rounder fit reminiscent of the older AIBA style gloves with perhaps a slimmer profile. The padding to the front is rounded protecting the knuckles whilst soft leather allows the making of a proper fist, a much-preferred option for many boxers

Full leather outer construction using premium cowhide leather with multi-layer padding and a strong velcro wrist fastening.


The Union Boxing Glove has stiffer, more rounded padding to the front of the glove for very strong protection of the knuckles. Particular attention has been placed on securing the thumb position, a classic area of injury when the “wrong” glove is used in sparring; affording enough padding above the thumb to protect from elbow catches on body shots.

The Union Gloves padding is a medium level - giving a great level of protection for the user on bags and pads whilst being extremely comfortable as a sparring glove - The Union Boxing Sparring Glove affords excellent protection to sparring partners and the user alike.

The wrist is a typical mid to longer length which gives excellent wrist support in any scenario. The wrist wrap is designed to be as close to a classic sparring lace tie as possible while using the much more versatile option of velcro fastening - quick on and off.

Unsure of what type of Boxing Glove you need? Check out our blog for a full guide!

Customer Reviews

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New store, same quality

Alex and the team were once again spot on. Decided to give the union gloves a try out and have to say I'm not disappointed. Quality manufacturing and a great fit. I opted for the 14oz as I will be using them for bag/ pad work. They look great and perfom great. They are holing their shape and taughtness more compared to some of the other brands available at the price range. Overall experience from shop entry to exit was professional and knowledgeable. A must for anyone who needs boxing equipment in the North East. Can not recommend these guys enough.

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