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  • Brayson's Pro Craic - This Week at Fightstorepro March 1st to 7th 2020

    Newcastle based Sean Gilley (@GilleyOfficial) is a former MTV International DJ and music producer. Whilst Sean's music has gained him massive gigs such as a performance on Floyd Mayweathers “Undefeated Tour” and his modern celebrity status has brought offers of joining the casts of reality TV shows such as Big Brother, Ex on the Beach etc, Sean turned them all down with a view of pursuing his MMA career.
  • The all new, Trade pricing to the public!

    After a decade of it was time to take a new direction. The new website is different from previous incarnations in several major ways. Yes it has a fresh look, some new products and perhaps in many ways has slimmed down to make it simpler to use but none of this is what I’m driving at.