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Introduction of Raja Boxing

Introduction of Raja Boxing



Beyond just equipment, Raja Boxing has played a significant role in promoting Muay Thai globally, helping the sport gain followers and practitioners in various countries. This has not only contributed to the sport’s growth but also to cultural exchanges involving martial arts.

Raja Boxing represents more than just a brand; it is part of the cultural heritage of Thailand and a key player in the sport of Muay Thai's evolution and international spread.


Muay Thai, often referred to as Thai boxing, is a combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. The sport's roots can be traced back to the middle of the 18th century.

Evolution into a Sporting Discipline

By the 1920s and 1930s, Muay Thai was formalized with rules and became a popular sport across Thailand, leading to the establishment of stadiums and the inception of organized competitions.

About RAJA Boxing

Raja Boxing was founded in 1998 by Maturos Khutasevi, a former stockbroker.
When she decided to start her own business, she turned to the country's national sport, Muay Thai. The brand name was shortened from the Rajadamnern Stadium where she found her inspiration. Raja also means "the King" in Thai.

Raja Boxing is a world famous manufacturer of high quality boxing equipment and equipment. Brand earned his reputation thanks to the professionalism of the company's employees, who control the quality of the production of goods at all stages.

The owner of the company Maturos Khutasevi is personally involved in the selection of material for equipment and checks for compliance with all requirements. For the manufacture of boxing gloves and protective elements of Raja Boxing, high-quality genuine leather is used, thin, but strong enough to provide maximum flexibility.

Raja Boxing gloves not only protect the joints, but also provide comfort and freedom.

The leather used in Raja gloves and protective gear is quality cowhide leather, thin yet strong enough to allow maximum flexibility without tearing during hard training.

Ms. Maturos Khutasevi, CEO of the RAJA company, is an expert in fashion design and production. She is the author of the innovative use of "silver leather" and "gold leather" as well as Thai silk in Raja products. RAJA Brand was the very first to release this design, which has since been copied by many other manufacturers worldwide.

Raja equipment has been approved by countless sports scientists, fighters, camps/gyms and is widely used in Thailand and many countries around the world.

Founded in 1998 by Maturos Khutasevi, a visionary former stockbroker, Raja Boxing has become a global leader in the production of high-quality Muay Thai gear. Inspired by the iconic Rajadamnern Stadium, the brand name Raja, meaning "the King" in Thai, reflects the supreme quality and royal heritage of its products.

Raja Boxing specializes in crafting premium Muay Thai equipment, renowned worldwide for its superior quality:

  • Premium Leather Boxing Gloves: Meticulously designed for ultimate protection and comfort, these gloves are made from high-quality cowhide leather, known for its thin yet strong properties that ensure maximum flexibility and durability.
  • Authentic Muay Thai Shorts and Protective Gear: From lightweight, stylish shorts to robust shin guards and headgear, all Raja products are engineered to meet the demanding needs of Muay Thai practitioners.
  • Innovative Materials: Under the guidance of Ms. Maturos Khutasevi, Raja Boxing pioneered the use of "silver leather" and "gold leather," as well as Thai silk, setting a trend in the market that many other brands have since followed.

Ms. Khutasevi is not only the founder but the driving force behind the brand, personally overseeing the selection of materials and ensuring that every product meets the rigorous standards required for both amateur and professional fighters. Her background in fashion design has infused Raja Boxing's products with a unique aesthetic appeal, making them a favourite among fighters and enthusiasts alike.

Raja Boxing's commitment extends beyond manufacturing exceptional gear. The company actively supports the Muay Thai community through sponsorships, events, and educational programs, promoting the sport globally. Raja Boxing's equipment is endorsed by sports scientists and widely used by fighters and gyms in Thailand and around the world.

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