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Our Boxing Gloves section caters for Boxing, Kickboxing and for any combat sport that involves striking with the hands. This type of glove is measured by weight in ounces, not by a generic sizing, and covers the gloves for use in both competition which tend to be lighter from 6 – 10oz, and for sparring; where the weight tends toward 12 – 16oz.

Although principally the same there can be stylistic differences between western boxers gloves as opposed to Thai Gloves or Kickboxing gloves. With a full range of both leather and synthetic Boxing gloves in a variety of different styles, colours & designs we will almost certainly have the right glove for you. There are many different options when you are looking at boxing gloves whether you prefer a tight fitted snug glove or a more comfortable looser glove, Lace up or Velcro. for competition or for sparring, we undoubtedly have one of the best selections available in the UK.

Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned veteran, or just keeping fit, we have combat gloves to suit every style, level and budget, and if you're unsure about choosing the right glove for you, check out our YouTube channel, or visit our Blog for all the latest product info, size guides and information. Or give us a call on 0191 435 3624

Collection: Boxing Gloves

Versatility and Style

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned boxer, our gloves are designed to meet the demands of all skill levels. They are suitable for various training purposes, including bag work, sparring, and mitt work. Check our our boxing gear collection.

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