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Building a Home Fight Sports Gym for Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ & MMA

For many combat sports enthusiasts to build a home fight sports gym was rather unnecessary up until quite recently, however we started the #Mancave Vlog series as in the physical store we had noticed an ever increasing number of people wishing to buy professional level gear to fit into an area in their homes.

General Reasons to Build a Home Fight Sports Gym
For the last few years I had personally found that to regularly train at a gym was becoming an ever more difficult, with commitments to family life in particular mixed with work and other areas of a diverse schedule, I only wished to spend time in gyms for specific purposes such as sparring or technical input from my coaches.

The travel time alone, even where local gyms were less than 15 minutes away still realistically meant I spent 30 minutes either side of actual training. By the time I had got in the car, parked, got through into the gym and arrived at some form of station it was an easy 30 minutes often more prior to training. 

I decided that to fulfil my basic training needs at home whilst investing the travel time and partner training very specifically and to only use it for the best possible  result in terms of my personal development. 

By this statement above I mean I could hit a bag anywhere, lift a weight anywhere, but I could not learn or progress my skill set completely alone nor could I get sparring and partner work solo therefore spend the time on the stuff I couldn't do solo not on the stuff I could.

If I was 25 and had more time to be in the gym like during the old days then I don't doubt the result would still be better than way but truth is I'm not and I needed to invest wisely time wise, this seemed like the option.

With quite literally a quarter of the worlds population on lock down this situation changed quite literally overnight, from being the exception to being the norm. 

I felt a certain level of strange prophetic coincidence as the demand for home training equipment on Fightstorepro suddenly went through the roof. 

So the video is a reaction to the fact a lot more people now are forced to make the decision I'd made sometime ago and at least for the next few months we will be in this space.  Once you build a good home gym and this era is over you'll still find use for it and I hope the videos content is ever green!



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