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BJJ Kimonos for the Intermediate BJJ Player

BJJ Kimonos: The Second Tier

Continuing on from our last blog on BJJ Kimonos for beginners. Today we are going to take a look at the next level of Kimonos aimed more towards those who regularly compete in tournaments and are routinely on the mats. These Kimonos are on a different level. Fuji: All-Around kimonoThe Fuji Kimono is part of the Fuji Victory line and is the best selling Kimono in the companies history and it's easy to see why. This mid-weight Kimono is highly durable weighing in at 550 GSM and made with Fujis own premium cotton blend, with a traditional weave and ripstop pants. The stiff, thick collar and reinforced stress points, allow this to be great fitting and comfortable while being tough enough for everyday use. Fuji is known for its minimalist style and attention to detail and this Kimono is no different. The FUJI All Around holds a unique position in the sport and holds up to the company motto of "Achieve Excellence". available in Black, White, Navy, Camo, Blue, and Pink

Kingz: Nano 2.0

white kimono

The Kingz Nano 2.0 kimono is the competitor's favorite lightweight kimono. With the same strength as the original Nano, the 2.0 offers a truly comfortable and stylish fit without sacrificing on durability. Weighing slightly lighter than the Fuji All-Around coming in at 400GSM with triple reinforced stitching. Made with a pearl weave, and as with the Kingz Basic 2.0 which was featured in the previous blog, its made from a single piece of cotton for maximum durability. With a simple and elegant design, this Kimono is a real beauty. Adorned with a custom Kingz logo on the collar, pants and the traditional crown on the sleeves. Available in White, Black, Silver, and Blue

Revgear: Huntington

huntington kimono

Named after the surf city in California the Revgear Huntington Kimono has the heart of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in its weave. Weighing in at a modest 450 GSM, right in between the Nano 2.0 and the Fuji all-round. The Huntington has a classic pearl weave and ripstop pants. As with all the Revgear Kimonos, The Huntington has both comfort and style built into the fit. Taking many of the best elements of classic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos of the past and incorporating them into one perfect modern classic. After all, is said and done this Kimono is built to last through the toughest training sessions while maintaining its style and fit. Available in Navy, Blue, and white

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