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Ultimate Impact 12

72KG K1 Rules

Laurence Coates VS Jack Price
Round 1 - Coates in the Blue, Price in the red, both fighters here making their debut. Crowd is fired up and referee Allan Hughes is ready to start the action. Aggressive start from price as he comes charging in with punches and combinations. Laurence returns and there is nothing being left to caution. Immediately exciting as punches and kicks are exhchanging in rapid fire between these two athletes. Price eats a good shot and drops for less than a split second but immediately carries on throwing strikes. Price misses a headkick and Coates catches a nice sweep. Action back to the feet, Price is aggressive and holding the center but Coates is picking his shots, which leads to another brief knockdown for Coates. Coates looks more calculated but a very game Price is pressing the action.
Round 2-

Huge aggressive start from both as they meet in the middle, this time Price sweeps Coates to the ground. Back and forth shots with punches from price, headkicks from both, nothing landing clean but if one does this fight will be over for either fighter. Nice body kick for Price, followed up with a clean overhand that backs up Coates. Price now coming forward like a beast, leg kick for Coates, returned by body kick from Price. Each time they one hits the other returns immediately, front kick from Coates, again pretty back and forth tilll the end of the round, the pace still being pushed heavily.
I believe it to be one round each so far.
Round 3 -
Again both fighters come charging into the center, really fired up for this one and a great start to the evening. Left hand by Price backs up Coates for a moment, they clinch and break. Coates now starting to pick his shots against the very aggressive Price. Coates landing nice leg kicks, again a huge leg kick from Coates, Price showing incredbile toughness as he keeps coming forward. Both guys starting to breath heavy now but still firing leg kicks at eachother, a huge leg kick from Coates sweeps Price to the floor. Back up and they trade shots till the end of the round. A fantastic fight with both guys showing incredible heart and talent to put on this very exciting match up.

Coates was more calculated in picking his shots, though the aggression of Price was very exciting to watch in this competitive match up
Laurence Coates wins via Unanimous Decision
66kg - MMA
Tom Karpinski VS Greg Artis

Round 1 -

Tom in the red an black Greg in the white
Karpinski starts strong and gains control of the center, both get into the clinch and Karpinski pushes Artis into the cage. Karpinski leaves his neck out and Artis latches on the standing guillotine choke. It looks really tight, not an easy submission to finish but it looks really deep here. Great heart by Karpinski hanging in there, and he breaks free, back to their feet exchanging bodyshots and knees. Karpinski muscles into a clinch again and Artis latches on the guilltone choke again, he gets the tap late in the first round.
Greg Artis via Guillotine choke Round 1
73kg K-1 Rules
Dan Reeves VS Raymond Nelmes
Round 1 -

Nelmes in the Red, Reeves in the blue corner. Nelmes looks very confident in the stare down and he comes out like a freight train at the start of the round. Throwing combinations, leg kicks, body kicks, punches, Reeves is getting tagged with a few but covering up well in this early barrage. Reeves lands a nice counter shot but Nelmes is still throwing everything at him. Great start to the round, how long can this pace go on! Action starts to settle down and leg kicks are landed by both fighters. Nice jab from Nelmes and front kick from Reeves countered by another jab. Low blow catches Nelmes and the action stops for a moment.
Here we go, Left kick from Nelmes but Reeves lands a nice hook, Nelmes backed up for a moment but then comes forward again with a left right combo. Nice Right by Nelmes pushes Reeves back into the cage. Nelmes with a nice jack, Reeves returns with a leg kick, Nelmes atempts a big high kick at the end of the round but Reeves dodges it nicely.
Great round, high pace action from both fighters, but Nelmes I feel is getting the better of things so far.

Round 2 -

Left hand from Reeves lands nicely in a fast paced back and forth at the start of the round, both looking fairly evenly matched in the melee. Nelmes has slowed down slightly, and a bodyshot from Reeves forces a grimace and Nelmes is backed up. Reeves gets to work with Nelmes against the cage, but they both hold in a clinch. Refferee breaks and we're off again, Nelmes throws a nice axe kick and is getting more aggressve again. Leg kick lands from Nelmes, Reeves fires back and glances a head kick. These boys are now swining for the fences and neither is leting up. Nelmes working kicks to the body while Reeves tries to come over the top with overhands. Nelmes misses a telegraphed monster of a left hand as they exchange more hooks. Nice right by Nelmes backs up Reeves late in the round and they exchange till the horn.
Fast paced action, intense to watch as both these lads went to war. Great fight and show of respect at the end
Raymond Nelmes wins via Unanimous Decision

55KG K-1
Sophie Tidey VS Camile Schmitz
Round one - Tidey in the black Schmitz in the green. Girls look fired up and focused for this one, Tidey has the range on her side against the shorter Schmitz. Tidey starts the action with a nice leg kick, she then follows up with some jabs and combinations. Schmitz throwing over the top picking single shots. Tidey comes in with a big flurry which land flush to the face of Schmitz and we have a pause in the action while the cageside DR has a look at Schmitz who appears to be struggling to see, whether it's here eyes or a hit to the nose I am unsure but the ref is forced to waive the action off. Round 1 T.k.o to Sophie Tidey in 59 seconds, impressive win, wish Camile Schmitz all the best in her recovery and return to the cage. I saw Schmitz warming up and she can throw some powerful shots, great performance by Tidey to not be on the end of one of them

Sophie Tidey wins by round 1 T.K.O

58kg MMA
Nathan Powell VS Mason Carter
Round 1- Mason comes out aggressive and lands a nice right hand that drops his opponent for a second, Powell back up and they're in the clinch. Mason pushes Powell into the cage and lands some nice knees. Mason in control here, they break and start trading again. Powell with a superman punch, Mason Blocks. Powell with a small combo but Mason blocks it again, Mario Saeed and Che Mills in Masons corner getting very vocal! Mason comes forward with a great combo and lands an overhand. Mason then shoots the takedown and is top control, he works for an arm as the round ends.

Round 2 - Mason very lively again, Powell looking calm and calculated. Mason misses with a spinning click but catches Powell on the groin. Brief stop in action and we're back. Glancing overhand from Mason has Powell back up, Mason explodes with punches and a big leg kick. Powell shoots in with a nice takedown and Mason tries to work a guillotine. He doesn't look like he wants to submission but is using the position to get his back against the cage and back to his feet. Nice clever work from this young man. They break and Powell starts throwing some kicks to the body, Mason defending but Powell is now backing him up. Powell throws a nice superman and lands some heavy knees to the body. Powell is now taking control of the fight as Mason is on the outside. Double leg from Powell gets sprawled at the end of the round.
Another exciting fight with 1 round each going into the 3rd
Round 3 - Powell comes in and shoots the double leg, Mason works the guillotine from his back again. Powell pushes out of the top after a short period of time, Powell is now on top working strikes, Mason ties him up. Powell lifts Mason up and slams him to the mat to try and free his arms to strike again, but Mason holds on well. Powell raining from the top with hammer fists and punches as Mason is covering up well trying to return with upkicks.

Great fight for these youngers and a bright future for both of them
Very impressive fight, Unanimous Decision for Nathan Powell
Bryn Cooper VS Matt Harthill K-1

Round 1 -

Matt Harthill looks like an angry barbarian, he comes steaming out throwing punches with a warriors grimace on his face. He looks like he should be on a battlefield in Braveheart with the way he has started this fight. Cooper looking calm and collected. Both men exhcanging leg kicks before Harthill charges with punches, Cooper works the jab and picks leg kicks from the outside. Harthill returns with several leg kicks, but Cooper seems to be targeting his to the same spot on the outside of the leg. Harthill doesn't look phased and still has an intense look in his eye as he swings punches over the top of the leg kicks.
Cooper is defending well but getting tagged by some shots, right hand hits him, Cooper returns with a leg kick. Knee from Harthill followed by a body head combo from Cooper. Harthill lands a decent leg kick, and swarms with punches. The technique is quite wild, but there's definately power behind it. Cooper with more leg kicks, to that same spot, Harthill again coming over the top and eats a couple of jabs. Another leg kick from Cooper, Clinch, Cooper tries an over hand but misses and eats one in return. Round ends, fast pace, intense fight, Cooper looking more composed, Harthill is awesome to watch though. Close round.
Round - 2

I'm curious how long Harthill can keep this pace for, whether we will see an adrenaline dump later in the fight, however the round starts and they are both coming out aggressive, Harthill punches, Cooper with the knees to the body. Leg kicks exchange, Harthill with a left hook, Cooper lands a coupe of nice jabs. Clinch and seperate, clinch again, Harthill lands a couple of body shots, Cooper chopping that same leg. Harthill slowing down a little now, Cooper definately fighting smarter, but Harthill is very exciting. Harthill with the flurries, Cooper picking the single shots and hitting that same spot on the leg. Pace slowing now, Harthill planting his leg heavier now, Cooper still hits the leg kick, again, and again. Harthill isn't letting it affect him as he still comes in with punches, lands a few glancing blows but the big connections have been from Cooper.
Round 3 -

Harthill looks refreshed and comes out aggressive. Cooper again lands a leg kick in the same spot, stiff jab from Cooper. Harthill explodes with a one two both land Cooper comes back with a bodykick. Harthill throwing but looks tired now, pure willpower on show here, Cooper picking his shots and lands a one two combo to the body and then one to the face. Another leg kick, Harthills hands are dropped and a right hand lands hard for Cooper. Harthill smiles and waives him on but gets hit with another right hand, and then another before the ref steps in for a standing count. Great show by Harthill, probably not the smartest way to fight, but it is damn exciting to watch. We're off again, Harthill eats a couple more right hands as Cooper is looking very accurate and the ref has stepped in to stop the fight.
Absolutely brilliant fight, at 2-0 now 2-1 Harthill showed a little inexperience but one massive amount of potential. I would love to see him return and fight more with his head than just his heart, but definately a man I would want to watch again. Congratulations to Bryn Diesel Cooper now 4-2, a brilliant performance. He looked calm and technical under a barrage of artillery, I also am excited for his bright future

Jack Shore VS Piotr Egert 70kg MMA
Round 1-

Both fighters are 1-0, both start composed, leg kicks from both parties. Egert gets taken down and Shore transitions to mount very impressively. Shore letting of punches to the head and body. Egert gets to half guard, but Shore still looking aggressive with hammerfists. Egert trying to escape put Shore controlling position before taking mount again. Now reigning down, Egert trying to escape but Shore is raining down heavy shots. We can hear the canvas thudding we're so close. More punches from Shore some are getting through, Egert is struggling to defend himself now but still keepig his guard raised. Shore dominating the position and hammering away to the face and body. It looks like only a matter of time, Egert is showing great heart but not able to get out of this position. Shore switches to the arm, and Egert taps to the Americana.
Round 1 Submission win for Jack Shore in a very impressive performance. Once he had position he wouldn't let it go, great show of heart from Egert who refused to give up from the strikes when many others would have. Hopefully next time he will get a chance to display his skills more. Fantastic performance from 19 year old Jack Shore now 2-0.

Craig White Vs John Williamson 84kg MMA
Round 1-

Both fighter meet in the middle with the clinch, Williamson muscles White up into the cage as he couldn't get the trip takedown. Williamson manages to bully White to the ground but White latches on a guillotine. Williamson now in guard and moving White away from the cage. You can see White looking like he's going to go for the arm, he throws some elbows from the bottom instead. Williamson responds with some punches to the body. White then attacks the left arm with a beautiful Kimura attempt and has it almost trapped, Williamson moves to get out and White transitions to a beautiful triangle. Williamson goes all Rampage Jackson on us and does a big power slam that made the whole cage shake. But sadly for him the choke is in too tight. Round 1 submission to triangle win to Craig White.
All these fights have been so impressive so far, please see the full video for this one from us cageside. I saw John Williamson hitting pads in the back before the fight and he has some hugely powerful kicks, dissapointed I didn't get too see them in use. Whilst Craig White looked very impressive in this fight, despite being taken down he was constantly active from the bottom an attacking with strikes and submission attempts. The slam from Williamson was another nice adernaline shot of excitement that buzzed through the crowd despite not breaking the hold.
Aaron Khalid Vs Mark Finney 68kg MMA
Round 1 -

Aaron Khalid in the black trunks, Mark Finney in the white. Khalid looking very composed before the fight sitting down relaxing collecting his thoughts. Finney looks determined. Slow start, feeling out each other for a moment, Finney with body punches, Khalid with a leg kick. More leg kicks from Khalid, Khalid lands a big knee backs up Finney for second but Finneys back in the pocket firing. Khalid returns with takedown and takes sidecontrol. Raining down with some elbows whilst Finney is pushing to a better position. Khalid smothering Finney at the moment, but Finney still looks game as he gets the underhooks. Khalid now trying for full mount but Finney defends. Elbows from the top, glancing at best. Khalid lets him up after being unable to advance position. Leg kicks from Khalid, Finney lands a couple of punches, nice left right. Both men firing, Khalid presses Finney against the cage, massive takedown by Khalid, half guard and working for position. Solid control on the ground by Khalid, Finney still active but unable to escape. Khalid keep position hitting to the body, Finney looks to be slowing down now, but explodes and escapes. Both exchange knees on the feet, and Khalid shoots for another takedown, both slowing down under the high pace, great fight so far. Khalid loses position in the clinch and Finney is now on top and throwing punches from guard. Elbows from Finney. Strong round from Khalid but a nice late burst from Finney.
Round 2 -

Few strikes from both, neither landing, massive overhand from Finney glances Khalid and back him up. Khalid throws the headkick but misses, Finney is throwing heavy leather.Finney pushes him into the cage, but Khalid reverses. Khalid with the body lock going from the takedown Finey defending well but Khalid gets him down into half guard. Finney eats a few punches as he's trying to get up, he throws up the arm bar which is defended. Khalid now gets side control but wants full mount. Elbows from Khalid, again dominating top control. Finney is really trying to get out and regains half guard. Finney refusing to give up that mount. Both fighters starting to look at little tired, but they have set a great pace so far. Khalid holding him down landing punches to the body and head. Finney bleeding a little, but still trying to explode to his feet. A lot of support in the arena for Finney, the shouts behind me are going crazy. Not much action more position control as the crowd start chanting. No avail though, Khalid stays on top and drops a fight light punches.
Round 3 -

Finney has been game but needs to pull something out of the bag in this round. Leg kick from Khalid, Finney taking his time, returns a leg kick. Khalid lands a one two and a knee, few punches back from Finney. Both breathing heavy but still swinging at eachother, Khalid lands a nice double leg and he's back in top control. Finney rolls to his feet, but Khalid pins him to the cage and lands a couple more punches. Khalid holding Finney against the cage, looks like another takedown is coming. Almost there, and he has it. Finney needs to try something here, he goes for the guillotine but looks like it's a tough position to finish it. Finney trying to attack the neck but Khalid is in too strong a position to get enough pressure on the choke. Action slows a little here, until Finney manages to worm to his feet. Not much time left and Finney is attacking, Finney gets the takedown and throwing punches, but the time runs out before he could land anything effective.
Aaron Khalid wins via Unanimous decision in a great war of attrition. Mark Finney deserves a lot of credit, it's very difficult fighting a smothering grappler and it's massively fatiguing on your body trying to fight someone off whilst holding all their weight and defending strikes. Much respect to him, but the big congratulations to Aaron who put on a very impressive technical display and kept the fight where he wanted it to be.
Chris Astley Vs Toby Hartman MMA Lightweight
Round - 1

Here we go, slow composed start as they're both looking to find their range. Astley looks ripped and rangy, Hartman heavier build. Both come in the center, Astley lands a left and almost a clash of heads. Another left from Astley but Hartman lands a right. This is the most proffessionally paced fight so far as they're taking theit time. Astley lands a nice right hand and then a flying knee to the body as he backs Hartman up. Hartman ties up Astley in the clinch and reverses him into the cage. Moves to the leg and tries to get the takedown but Astley stays up and gets double underhooks. Position switch, pushes Hartman into the cage who tries a guillotine, but Astley pops out. Hartman pushes to the feet, throwing the right hand, landing but not stopping Astley who comes charging in with a big power double, nice sprawl by Hartman as Astley takes the body lock. Hartman breaks free, Astley invites a striking game, but in the clinch he lands a beautiful trip takedown. Astley has him down but Hartman with a beautiful sweep and is on top. Hartman lands a few light shots before Astley gets to his feet. More clinch exchanges and cage oppression, Hartman searching for the takedown and Astley with an impressive wide base and defends it very well. Hartman tries again and this time gets a double handed lock and takes Astley down with a huge slam. Hartman takes mount very quickly and starts raining down punches. It's monsoon season with the amount raining down, Astley covers up well but is eating some shots. Astley turns to his back and powers out to his feet but he's taken some damage, Hartman chases and lands a few right hands that push Astley into the cage, Hartman gets on top and his hammering away with the right hand. Astley eats a few but then explodes with an incredible reversal, these guys have been practicing their grappling, fantastic display of technique from both men so far. Astley on top now controlling the position trying to posture to strike, round ends.
Really tough round to score, I think Astley had the better of the round for more time, but Hartman landed the significant damage that may win him the round. It depends how these judges are scoring.

Round - 2

Astley gets an early takedown, but Hartman gets back to his feet quickly. Astley gets him down again and takes the back with a bodylock. Amazing! Judo throw by Hartman puts Astley down for a brief secondand breaks the body lock. Right hands from Hartman defended well by Astley, Hartman postured up and throwing strikes from above. Astley powers up and gets the bodylock, he's taken some damage but he's still very much in this fight. He's pushed in his corner getting advice from Matt Ewin and Mario Saeed whilst in the clinch. Astley comes forward with a one two combo that lands and another flying knee to the body, an awesome explosion of power there showing he's still very much game. Right hand and knees from Hartman in return, both swinging for the fences. Hartman presses Astley into the cage and some knees to the legs, Hartman gets the takedown. He's in half guard, Astley pushes straight back to his feet, right hand lands for Hartman, Astley comes in and gets the bodylock again. Hartman looks like he's slowing, Astley breathing slighty heavy but still going, takedown by Astley. Astley presses Hartman against the cage and is punching one spot on the leg. Hartman pushes out and throws more big right hands, a couple glancing blows but nothing clean. Astley went for a stepping over takedown but Hartman with a very impressive sprawl. Astley is bleeding, Hartman trying for the takedown but Astley reverses and gets the takedown. Astley not being very active from the top but is solidfying his position.
Again another very tough round to call, I couldn't pick so far, I think Hartman overall landed more damage but Astley had impressive flurries

Round 3 -

Straight into the clinch, knees from both. They break Hartman misses headkick, Astley flying knee to the body again. Hartman coming over the top with right hands and gets the clinch, Hartman looks for the takedown Astley goes for a guillotine but uses it to reverse position and throw knees. Hartman grabs the neck and does the same as Astley reverses position with the guillotine and throws knees in return. They break, Hartman throws a huge overhand right, it was telegraphed though but Astley dodges but that looked like it would of put a hole in sheet rock if it landed. Left hand lands for Hartman, Astley slowing down, hands a bit low, but he lands a one two combo and a glancing headkick. Hartman misses a flying knee and Astley takes him down and gets side control. Hartman holding Astleys neck as he works from side control. Elbows from Astley but Hartmans covering up well. Hartman twists back to his feet, but he's now bleeding from one of those elbows. Both men bleeding, Astley looks to be getting the better of this round so far. Astley has Hartman against the cage and is throwing a big right hand himself. Hartman lands a spinning kick but Astley smiles and waives him on. Big rights from Hartman missed spinning backfist. Astley grabs the bodylock and presses into the cage, elbows from Hartman while Astley searches for the takedown. Trojan Free Fighters corner are going crazy now. Astley working from half guard but Hartman is pressing to the cage to get back to his feet. Astley with a bodylock from on top, blood is dripping everywhere now. Hartman with a sweep and get on top, throws several rights, but Astley reverses and starts raining shots. Hartman is covering up well not much damage getting through

Toby Hartman wins via split decision in a close 3 round war. It was an amazing display from both men and I honestly didn't know who won that. The first and second rounds could've been scored either way and the late effort from Astley in the third was too late. Both these fighters I would love to see fight again, I would love to see Hartman land that absolute cannonball of a right hand clean on someone, and Astley has all the tools to be a champ in Ultimate Impactl, he just needs a little more time to sharpen his steel. Keep an eye out for these two warriors

A Silent Assasin fights a man with T.N.T in his fists
Wayne 'The Silent Assasin' Drake (c) VS Terry 'T.N.T' Doyle for UIC Lightweight MMA title
Round 1 -

Drake looks the leaner fighter, very ripped in great shape whilst Doyle the stockier fighter looks like a shorter tank. Both guys look very fired up for this fight and the crowd are as well. I have heard nothing but good things about both these guys, I hear Doyle is explosive (hence the nickname T.N.T) and Drake has an incredible ground game. Drake opens with a couple of leg kicks, Doyle works the jab, Doyle lands a right hand and Drake shoots in for a takedown. He gets it and takes full mount and straight raining shots. Great transition Drake showing his ground skill but Doyle explodes and reverses to top. Doyle now on top throwing strikes from half guard as Drake goes to guard. Drake throwing punches from the bottom before he attacks an armbar. Doyle stands up and welcomes the stand up game. Drake gets up and shoots for a takedown however, he gets it. Drake on top throwing a few punches, Doyle rolls to defend and gives up his back. Drake now has back control and is trying to pin an arm. Doyle explodes to his feet and somehow gets Drakes back, really top notch stuff from both fighters so far. Doyle is working the choke but he can't quite get it but he's still in a dominant position. Drake stacked against the cage with Doyle on his back but still trying to attack any limb. Doyle defending well though, Doyle rolls him into side control, Doyle throwing some ground and pound a couple land. Drake reverses position back to guard and defends. Doyle controlling from the top as Drake is trying to get to his feet. Doyle still on top landing shots to the body but Drake is defending the shots to the face well. Drake throwing elbows from the bottom, Doyle punches from the top. Drake very game, Doyle has the dominance so far though. Drake attacks a kimura off his back and it looked tight for a brief second before Doyle gives up position and Drake gets on top. Another impressive set of ground play from the silent assasin, you can see why he has that name. Drake throwing strikes from the top punches and elbows, Doyle looks composed and defends with a couple glancing contacts but nothing too heavy. Drake attacks an arm again but the horn goes.
Great exciting round, fast pace proffessional grapplying and ground and pound. Two guys who are obviously well versed in all aspects of the game, a true pleasure for any hardcore mma fan.

Round 2 -

Doyle with a nice jab, Drake kick to the body. Leg kicks from Drake, clinch Doyle throwing hard body punches Drake working the knees. Great fight, I had glimpses of Fabio Maldonado vs Kyle Kingsbury for a moment there (great UFC fight, check it out) Doyle shoots for a takedown and Drake defends but eventually gets put on his back. Drake working for an arm but is eating some elbows in return. Drake is now going for an armbar, but Doyle is defending well. Doyle still in dominant position, Drake very active but Doyle is defending well. Great display of grappling offence and defence. Drake throws a few punches from the bottom while Doyle returns in kind to the body. Drake in guard throws his legs up for a triangle but Doyle slips out the back door. Doyle still in on top in full guard of Drake, Drake trying to work a triangle but can't secure it. Doyle postures up and throws heavy ground and pound, Drake's nose gets bloodied as a couple of shots land. Doyle in side control and is starting to take over the pace. Drake reverses though and gets Doyle against the fence. Drake is on Doyles back. The chokes not there, some punches and another attempt at a choke. Doyle reverses and gets on top. Side control for Doyle, Drake throwing punches to the head from the bottom but Doyle answers again to the body. Drake slips out and gets to his feet, punches and knees exchanged as the heat gets turned up by both men, Drake took some damage but is still very game Doyle pushes him against the cage, Doyle with a big takedown back into side control. Searching for full mount, but he can't get it so he lets him up. Doyle and Drake take center and exchange a few jabs and leg kicks. Doyle presses Drake against the cage, just controlling. Drake tries a knee but not much damage, the crowd chanting Drake, Drake, Drake for the current champ. Both men look like they're tiring but it's understandable the pace and technique on display so far have been incredible. Round ends with Doyle securing a late takedown.
Doyle had more of the control this round without a doubt, but it's still close. Drake very active off his back and with nice sweeps, but more time on top went to Doyle who landed the more significant damage also. Really enjoying this fight though so far, Drake is very exciting to watch as you never know what limb he may latch onto next. Whilst Doyle is looking very proffessional and composed defending the submission game well.
Round 3 -

Touch of gloves and we're off. Leg kick from Doyle, jab from Doyle. Doyle shoots for a takedown, he gets it against the cage and starts throwing bombs. Drake looking for an arm again, but Doyle gets sidecontrol. Doyle decides to stand and invite Drake to the feet. Drake shoots for the takedown, but Doyle muscles his way to top position. Doyle in Drakes guard, Doyle looks very strong. Drake is bleeding and receiving some ground and pound though he's still covering up well. Doyle with elbows, a couple land one nice one. Doyle throws a couple of punches that land, in side control throwing some huge punches over the top, Leon Roberts taking a close look. Terry Doyle is raining down, punch after punch Drake is defending, incredible heart, heart of a lion. He's taken a lot of damage, lots of blood but Drake is still defending intelligenlty. Doyle throwing ground and pound, Drake explodes and gets the reversal. Drake throws some strikes that land, Doyle reverses again but Drake throws up a kimura which he uses to get top postion. This is an absolute war, fight of the year candidate for UIC. Doyle escapes and gets full guard, Drake throws up the triangle but can't get it. Drake throwing elbows from the bottom nice, but Doyle transistions to side control. He's raining down again, Drake eats a few more big shots. Doyle lets him stand up again. Drake is bleeding a lot, but Drake throws a wheel kick and nearly lands it!, Doyle blocks, and gets the takedown. Drake throwing knees to the body from Doyle from the bottom, Doyle explodes over the top with punches.

Terry Doyle defeats Wayne Drake via Unanimous Decision and becomes the new Lightweight Champion of the UIC

Great fight by both, really impressive performance. Doyle is a tank, short, stocky, hard to take down, and hits like a bull. Drake has a fantastic ground game and some amazing technique, tonight he was out muscled though in a performance of a lifetime from Doyle. So much respect for these two men, I can't wait to see them both fight again. Bright futures for both these guys without a doubt.

Laura Handy takes on Cheryl Flynn for the ladies K-1 Flyweight UIC Title
I've heard great things about both these fighters here, Laura Handy is a rangy fighter who packs a lot of power. Whilst I've heard Flynn has a very polished and composed all round game.

Round 1-

Both look calm and collected. Flynn misses a front kick, leg kick lands from Handy. Handy working the jab, Flynn throws a flurry. Handy lands a knee, Flynn lands a glancing head kick. Nice fast start but still not over doing the pace. Composed, Handy throws a couple of uppercuts but Flynn lands a big headkick. Handy is stunned for a brief moment, but hands are back up and she's working the jab again. Flurry by Flynn who's punches are looking very tight and powerful so far. Handy looking a little wild, just looks like she needs a bit of time to settle into her game. Body shot from Handy, and glancing right hand. Flynn taking her time but eats a body kick. Handy swinging big lefts and rights from different angles, Chuck Liddell esque from the way she's curving the long punches, great work by Handy getting some momentum going her way. Ref breaks them from a clinch, Flynn looks very relaxed while Handy is still a little more frantic but at this point very evenly matched. Bodykicks from both, Flynn throws a bodykick but hooks up towards at the face at the end, nearly lands. Handy lands a couple of nice leg kicks, finishes with a big inside leg kick from Handy.
Great start here, Flynn was definately in control for the first half of the round and was very relaxed in picking her shots and flurries, Handy took a couple of minutes to settle in but when she did there were flickers of brilliance, and towards the end of the round she was starting to look comfortable and land her shots. Great round so far and a decent start, both fighters look fresh coming into round 2.
Round 2 -

Handy looking busy, flurries and combinations, Flynm with a big body kick that lands. Fith a big leg kick. Overhand coming in from Flynn, misses, Handy starts to work the jab. Flynn misses the front kick and a nice right hand lands for Handy who is tightening up her technique and punches are looking smooth and fast again. Flynn ties her up in the clinch, Handy works a few more shots to the body and face with the jab, Flynn with a leg kick and one two lands. Handy swings some big shots in return but doesn't land. Handy coming over the top of the leg kicks from Flynn with overhands. At this stage Handy is looking very sharp still pretty even but Handy is getting the better I would say. Spinning kick misses for Flynn and Handy gets a sweep. The fighters restart but the horn soon goes. Handy is outworking Flynn who is landing a few shots but only in singles, whilst Handy has been very busy throughout this round. Great work rate from Handy who doesn't appear to be slowing down, and Flynn looks very tough as she seems to soak up the shots and continue to press forward.
Could easily be one round each going into this fight although both rounds have been competitive. Both these girls definately living up to the hype right now.
Round 3 -

Flynn comes out with a very aggressive start here. Now Flynn looks frantic in her strikes as she's walking in with punches and kicks, Handy seems to think the best defence is a good offence and she fights the fire with fire. Handy landing a little more as she works a nice jab. Leg kicks exchanged. Left hand lands for Handy right hand lands for Flynn. Hands both still high, knee to the body from Handy and another jab. Crowd chanting for Laura, Flynn still game and coming forward, lands a left. Jab lands from Handy and huge leg kick. Flynn still comes forward witha nice one two and kick. Handy catches the kick and starts to get busy. Bodykick from Flynn, Handy presses forward and throws a glancing right.
The 3rd round was very exciting with both girls leaving nothing to chance in the cage. They both went toe to toe in an aggressive and technical display that showed momentum flowing from one side of the cage to the other. Laura Handy wins the fight via U.D but lots of credit to Cheryl Flynn who put on a very composed and focused effort. Both these ladies look like they would be incredibly hard to finish in the cage by the way they walked through so many hard shots from one another. Congratulations to the new Flyweigh tK-1 UIC champion Laura Handy.

Next the finale of the evening a Welterweight title fight between Adam Boussif and raining champion Phil Wells. Wells looks to keep hold of his belt against the well built Boussif. Wells I've heard is a very gritty tough fighter.

Round 1 -

Touch gloves and we're off. Boussif starts with a jab, misses. Well straight right misses. Both guys picking their shots taking their time. Leg kick from wells lands, followed by a jab that misses. Both guys feeling eachother out, Wells throws a combo Boussif comes back with a stiff left. Boussif with a big takedown out of nowhere, Wells in half guard. Boussif has an arm around Well's neck and gets sidecontrol. Both fighting for postion but Boussif on top, as he goes for mount Wells explodes and takes top control in Boussif's guard. Great timing from wells, elbows from the top from wells. Boussif covers up well doesn't eat much damage and looks for an armbar. Wells defends and goes back to some punches, lands a few to the body Boussif covers the face well. Boussif trapping the hands from the bottom whilst Wells throws strikes as he breaks free now and then. Boussif has Wells in his full guard. Wells in dominant position and busy with strikes but not much damage landing on Boussif who is defending well as he tries to get back to his feet. Boussif with some nice downward elbows, Wells punches to the body and head. Boussif rolls and Wells is on his back. Wells with a couple punches, Wells controlling position and Boussif is still stuck below. Bigger shots from Wells but Boussif again still covering up, so Wells goes to the body. Boussif struggling to get out of this postion, not taking much damage though. Another technical performance, Boussif rolls and Wells takes the back as the round ends.
After a strong start and big takedown from Boussif, Phil Wells manage to time a perfect sweep and dominate the rest of the first round. Despite the domination in cage control and position, Boussif covered up well and didn't take much damage from the aggressor in Phil Wells.

Round 2 -

Boussif with a body kick, misses, busy with his hands but Wells defends the strikes wel. Boussif with a nice takedown, only just though as Wells nearly stayed upright. Boussif gets the back off Wells as he turns in the scramble. Boussif searching for the choke, he hasn't got it yet, Wells defending well so far. Boussif attacks the neck again, this time he gets the arm under, and Wells has no choice but to tap.
Adam Boussif wins the UIC 12 Welterweight title via Rear Naked Choke over Phil Wells. After a strong first round from Wells, a good talk in the corner from Boussif laid out what he needed to do to win this fight. He came out strong in the second and executed with precision. Wells after a strong first round, unfortunately lost position and ended up in a bad spot that Boussif wouldn't let him out off. Again both fighters had the ability to win this fight, well done and congratulations to new Welterweight UIC Champion Adam 'boa' Boussif and MMA UK looks forward to supporting and watching both of you fight again.

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