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In our new The Professionals series, we are giving you in depth knowledge of all of our sponsored athletes. Brazilian Luiz Tosta has been a regular fixture on the UK BJJ and MMA circuit since coming to London in 2003. A BJJ black belt under Mario Reis, he has an exemplary record in grappling but has also transferred his skills to mixed martial arts. It makes complete sense for to align ourselves with high level athletes in these disciplines, and since a return from a 7 year absence from the cage he has gone on a 7 fight unbeaten streak. Name: Luiz Tosta Team: London Shootfighters/Kings MMA Weight: Bantamweight (135lbs) Pro MMA Record: 9-2 (9 submission, 7 first round finishes) MMA Accomplishments: UCMMA Bantamweight Champion Other fight accomplishments: BJJ black belt under world champion Mario Reis; European no-gi champion 2015, British Open Champion (gi x 2, no-gi x 3), NAGA champion Gi & No Gi (2014), Grapplers Quest champion (2013), Abu Dhabi pro trials champion (2013), IBJJF European champion (2007 & 2009), IBJJF worlds bronze medalist (2009). Brown belt in judo. Known for: BJJ, leg locks Favourite technique: Half Guard Martial Arts Background 2000 - Started training in BJJ with Mario Reis 2003-present - London Shootfighters 2015-present - Kings MMA Luis Henrique Tosta began his martial arts journey with judo when he was 5 years old. It was a more casual interest and he reached brown belt level, but his real passion for the martial arts journey really came when he took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with his friend Mario Reis at age 19. Reis and Tosta would train at his house and the pair continue to forge their separate paths in the sport to this day - Reis went on to become a world champion and has beaten some of the most formidable names in jiu jitsu. Luiz was pushed to compete straight away and took to the competition mats after only a few weeks. After DQ losses in his first two competitions, he then won 6 straight gold medals and was awarded his blue belt in August 0f 2000. He continued his journey in Brazil, learning and competing as much as possible with his friend and coach. Tosta continues to train with Reis when the opportunity arises, but he moved to the UK in 2003 and got into mixed martial arts through Jean Silva. He was pointed in the direction of London Shootfighters and has been a fixture there ever since. In a bid to stay loyal to his lineage with Reis, he didn't align himself with a BJJ team but did cross-train with some of the great teams in the region. In late 2003 when he returned to Brazil to compete in the worlds, he took a bronze medal and was awarded his purple belt shortly after. He got his brown belt in 2006 after some impressive competition outings including two European championships, and finally got his black belt on the podium of the IBJJF worlds after taking bronze in 2009. Tosta's grappling resurgence in the last few years came after he decided to focus more on BJJ whilst his businesses were growing and he felt he couldn't commit to professional MMA. A slew of medals in gi and no-gi competition has him down as one of Europe's top competitors. Professional MMA Career After just 6 months training in MMA with London Shootfighters, Tosta began competing as a professional. He fought four times in 2004, going 2-2 against some elite opposition. He defeated Phil Harris, who later went on to the UFC, but with businesses on the up and no time, he decided not to fight again until he could commit the time it required. That took 7 years as he returned in 2011. Six of his seven fights since that time have come under the UCMMA banner, and he has won all of them by first round submission. He also competed in Italy, taking a second round submission over Ciro Ruotolo. Notably, the scope of his submissions has been what captivated the fans - he has had heel hooks, toe holds and mounted triangles amongst the successes. Tosta remains a London Shootfighter, but he has travelled to Kings MMA in California to train with his friend Fabricio Werdum and head coach Rafael Cordeiro this year.
Luiz Tosta at Kings MMA with Cordeiro and Werdum Luiz Tosta at Kings MMA with Cordeiro and Werdum
Notable victories
  • Armbar victory over Phil Harris - 22nd Aug, 2005, UKMMAC 8
  • Triangle choke victory over Ciro Ruotolo - 14th Dec, 2013, Impera FC 2
  • Toe hold victory over Danny Lawson - 2nd May, 2015, UCMMA 38
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Luiz Tosta Fightstore Pro and Revgear sponsored fighter Luiz Tosta Fightstore Pro and Revgear sponsored fighter
You can find Luiz Tosta MMA on Twitter: @luiztosta1

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