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Muay Thai Kick Pads Compared

Of all the Muay Thai Kick Pads available on the market there is one really simple rule; Buy Quality. Cheap pads will simply not last more than a few weeks so buying cheap works out very expensive in the long run. Leather is essential for kick pads; durability is the key factor in many eyes but if you are a coach holding pads for hours on end doing multiple private lessons then comfort and stopping power is going to be a major factor in your choice too. If you are buying for a gym rather than just one set then another factor really becomes price in quantity and matching the quality against durability and that "value for money" aspect which will dictate your buying decisions. At Fightstorepro we are known for quality across the boards but with Thai Pads we must think about the different needs of different fight sports and how the pads are going to be used. We decided to only review four pads in this comparison and they all in their way get a 5 star rating. The pads we reviewed are Fairtex KPL2 - Curved Thai Pads Twins Straight Buckle Pads REVGEAR Straight Pads REVGEAR Curved Pads There are many reasons you might look at buying all four for a gym so watch the video and see what you think. Thai Kick Pads are an expensive but highly important piece of kit for a modern Martial Arts Academy so making the right decision can be important especially for a new gym with limited budget. There are other pads on the market and there are some good options out there; We would have included MTG pads however their availability has been limited for some time and will definitely be stocking the new Thailand based DANGER equipment Thai pads which are looking like they could be a leader in the market quite soon!

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