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MMA Sparring Gloves Compared and Reviewed

MMA sparring Gloves are a product which sit in a funny bracket as in some ways they are neither one thing or another but to practice the mix of striking, clinch work and grappling that is required for mixed martial arts its a product that has become essential in the kit bag of most modern MMA fighters. As mentioned in the video its not a product I personally have had that much experience of as in the days when I was training Mixed Martial Arts we tended to use a 4oz competition glove and drop the power (or not as the case may have been) but as times have moved on so have some of the products. We decided to compare: Hayabusa Tokushu 7oz MMA sparring Glove REVGEAR Classic Sparring Glove FAIRTEX FGV 15 MMA Glove Revgear Deluxe PRO 7oz MMA sparring Glove Unfortunately the camera cut out in the middle of filming the review of the Deluxe Pro but our guest reviewer MR Peter Irving actually really liked it and made comment about its practical design however warned how many amateur show referees would not allow the glove as it gave a competitive advantage in NSAC rules fights. Watch the video as the information is comprehensive. In the video the Hayabusa glove doesn't come off so well; A review of an individual product is always opinion but also the fact we were not as impressed with this glove as the others doesn't make it a bad product just we picked the three best ones we could in the first place so it could be seen as still doing well to make it to the top four in this review!

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