MMA Management; Join the Elite!

Agents and Managers work behind the scene to make the things most of us see on TV happen. As with most other sports Management is so important for the development of a Fighters career that choosing the wrong team can be the difference between success and failiure. the UK has been well behind their US counterparts for many years in the fight game however companies such as Elite MMA Agency ran by Chris Fig and Pany Symeou are heading up the UK scene and helping build the careers of UK based fighters such as Karlos Vemola, Bola Omoyele, Curt Warbatton, Valentino Petresccu and many others. From booking the fights, arranging sponsors, fees, medicals to booking hotels and flights these guys work 24/7; their phones are like hot potatoes and email accounts over flowing with requests, deals and proposals. In short who'd want this job? "This morning I spoke with Joe Silva from the UFC, Dave O'Donnell from UCMMA, BAMMA and one of my fighters sponsors REVGEAR... It never stops" Says Chris from Elite MMA Agency. "Fighters just wanna train and fight but at the end of the day there's a lot more that goes on between the gym and the fight than that and we look after our boys 100%" With a growing roster of fighters Elite MMA Agency reflects the growth in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts altogether; Alongside the industries in media, equipment and clothing, MMA Management and media will be continuing to grow too. In the USA digital agencies dedicated to the sport, image rights and intellectual property are all a day to day reality for the people working in the business it can only be assumed that this will follow suit in the UK and Europe.

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