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Mike Wilkinson Blog - Part 2

It's been just over 2 weeks since UFC Fighter Mike Wilkinsons last blog post with the Fightstore pro. Alex the MD from Fightstorepro even popped in for a Jiu Jitsu roll with Mike. We're happy to bring to you his latest update on his blog "It's now been just over 2 weeks since the last blog. Here's the latest update on my progress, the trainings been going really well and I been given more exercises from the wrist specialists down at spire in manchester. I cant punch yet but i dont think it should be too long off,as soon as i'm back punching i will post little videos of my progress and my journey back to the octagon. After i did the last blog i started back training in the gi slowly stepping it up each session getting the grips down to help build the forearm which hasnt been used in a while and everything is going to plan, I was fortunate enough to even had a nice visit from Alex from Fightstorepro down at our gym Unit7, he dusted himself off and we had a little grapple; lol should be a video to follow. Anyways just want to say a big thankyou to everyone supporting me and everyone at Fightstore for their help." Mike Wilkinson UFC Fighter We wish Mike all the best with his recovery and look forward to providing you guys an in depth look at a top level fighters road back into competition. There is a lot to come so make sure you stay tuned with the Fightstorepro Mike Wilkinson blog. Rashguard: Handwraps: Geoff 'Ironchefcoach' Stratton FightstorePro MMA UK

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