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Kickboxing Planet

My name is Roy and I'm the proud owner of Kickboxingplanet. I've been practicing Kickboxing and Karate for many years now. Currently I'm living in Holland and I've studied Marketing for four years. I've worked as a Marketeer, Salesman, Writer and a Photo/Video Editor. Basically I'm just a huge fan of Martial Arts in general and at this point I see Kickboxing as the biggest passion of my life.

In Holland we have the best Kickboxers of the world, but the sport still Isn't fully accepted by the people. I'm trying to educate everybody about the sport and to change the negative image that hangs around Kickboxing in my own country.

Few years ago the biggest Kickboxing promotion (K-1) died and we all thought Kickboxing would die with them. Luckily for the fans, K-1 found some new owners and continued giving us great events in other parts of the world. Besides K-1 many other promotions such as GLORY, LEGEND and SUPERKOMBAT established their names in the fighting world. Two years ago I decided to start a website about Kickboxing, to create some order to all the articles and video's about this relative young sport.

With Kickboxingplanet you can keep up with the latest Interviews, promo’s, fights, highlights, fight cards or event results in the world of Kickboxing. We try to follow as many promotions and fighters as we can on a daily basis. The website is made by Kickboxing fans from Holland for Kickboxing fans worldwide.

Our main goal is to educate the people who are relatively new and don’t know much about Kickboxing. Our second goal is to help evolve the sport and to promote it in a good way. Our third goal is to change the image of Kickboxing in Holland. And our last and final goal is to eventually become the main kickboxing website on the internet.

Roy Koldenhof

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