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Gym Trade Accounts, Everything You Need To Know

Earlier this year Fightstorepro launched "PRO PARTNERS" which has been so well received by the fight gyms of the UK that we have had to employ a new member of staff to cope with it! The scheme is designed to offer the discounts of a trade account with additional support that only the UK's #1 Gym trade account scheme can offer. What is a Gym Trade Account? Every coach or gym owner knows that there are inherent problems in the combat sports gym equipment free for all. Not only do people turn up with shoddy equipment which can be to the detriment of themselves and their training partners, but it's their own money that they're wasting when they have to buy twice. Fightstore Pro offer gym trade accounts that allow you to purchase all of the equipment your gym needs with big discounts and a personal service. Everybody likes to save money. If you can do it whilst also bringing a minimum standard of equipment that helps each and every member of the gym, then who can stand to lose? Rhetorical question, because it's nobody! What are the benefits?
  • You have the freedom to purchase individual items with a discount. There are no minimum requirements apart from sharing the love and saving you money.
  • Not only can you save money, but we also offer you marketing help for free to help you build your business. A free t-shirt, point of sale posters and cards, and the sage advice from our wisened professionals comes at no cost! Not only in selling quality products, but also in partnering with you in marketing your gym, your fighters, and your social media. It's more than business, it's friendship!
  • Our recommend a friend scheme gets you even more incentives!
  • If you have your own store or need bigger wholesale quantities, we can do even more for you! We WILL offer you the big discounts on wholesale quantities. If you have a retail business for fight gear at your gym, there are excellent offers available.
  • It's flexible to your needs, which many MMA, boxing or Muay Thai gym trade accounts aren't. We want you to be successful.
Need more confirmation? Look to our Pro Partners at BKK Fighters, Urban Kings, Sixth Sense, Itaipava BJJ and more for the mutual success we have shared! For all the details on our Pro Partners scheme, click HERE for all of the information and how to sign up. You can apply to TRADE@FIGHTSTOREPRO.COM or call 01912303030

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