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Fighting Fit Gym -Manchester

Established in 2008, Fighting Fit Manchester has a team of highly trained and experienced coaches delivering a multi-discipline timetable. The gym is one of the largest in the country and provides a wealth of facilities.

An excellent reputation is built on highly skilled coaches with a breadth of experience. Brazilian Jiujitsu classes are delivered by two world-class, black belt instructors: Head Coach, Martyn Cahill and Senior Coach, Anna Mayne. Martyn has been training in martial arts for 15 years and received his black belt from Master Ricardo De La Riva and Professor David Onuma in 2012. Anna is the two time IBJJF European Champion and World Champion Bronze Medallist and was awarded her black belt in October 2014.

Judo classes complement the BJJ but are also providing high quality training in their own right. Delivered by Sophie Cox and David Groom, these two athletes have impressive records of their own and have represented Team GB for years; Sophie having competed at the Olympics twice and is now a Fuji Sports sponsored athlete.

The gym also delivers successful classes in MMA and boxing as well with several of our members competing to a good standard. Fighting Fit also incorporates a strength and conditioning gym run by Dominic Kinsey, JC Santana qualified S & C coach with a degree in sports science and a background in a range of martial arts including MMA."

Fighting Fit is the full package. If you are based in the Manchester City area and would like to improve your skills in a friendly atmosphere then you could do much worse than to give this Elite Dojo a try!

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