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Chok Dee York - Thai Boxing Gym

Chok Dee York is a shining beacon for Muay Thai training within the North of England. Established nearly 10 years ago, this school trains from beginner to champion. The founder of this now accomplished Thai Boxing gym is Rich Cadden, a veteran of over 60 fights of which he gained many title belts (English, European and World) along the way. He has fought at 3 different weight classes, and was the number one light welterweight in the country from 2002-2009. Not only is Rich train in Muay Thai, but he has 7 years of Judo Black belt experience, and also teaches MMA and specifically Thai boxing being applied in MMA. Supported by MMA head coach Dave Buntline who has been involved in various aspects of MMA for over 10 years. A solid background in many forms of grappling (Judo, Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, BJJ etc) and is unbeaten as a professional fighter. There is also a strong team of assistant coaches and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu coaches, as well as a personal training specialist. Overall, regardless of your fitness or combat goals, without a doubt Chok Dee has a more than capable team who will help you reach what your aiming for. This school trains everything from beginners to pro, they train not just as a martial art, but as a whole lifestyle. From personal training, to diet plans and online E-books they really do cover all aspects of the fighting game, and lifestyle. They have a brand new facility situated at Unit 24, Rose Avenue York Business Park Nether Poppleton York – YO26 6RR. If your local to the area and want to unlock your warrior spirit, I would strongly advise attending and making use of the wealth of knowledge that is on offer. There are classes for children as well as adults, and even Brazilian Ju-Jitsu so that you can brush up on your all round game, and gain a good base for getting into MMA. Please check out their website and show some love for the Chok Dee York Gym Written by Geoff Ironchefcoach Stratton MMA UK

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