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Cagewarriors Alex Enlund Interview

Saturday November the 1st will be a special day for one of our supported Fighters Alex Enlund who fights on home turf at the Metro Arena in Newcastle in front of what is sure to be a packed out crowd for the premier MMA Show in Europe; Cagewarriors. Alex has risen through the CWFC ranks and is currently rated #4 in the UK and Ireland by Front Row MMA. A win against Nad Narimani will almost certainly be a major step towards the North East Featherweight being approached by the worlds MMA pinnacle the UFC. Training with a variety of the North’s top fighters such as Ross Pearson, Davey Grant, Colin Fletcher and Curt Warbutton, Alex is surely next in line for the biggest world stage. Fightstorepro has known Alex for a long time and its always good to see our supported guys achieve their goals; we caught up with Him for a quick chat about his upcoming fight. Q1. Most of your recent fights have ended quickly in round 1; do you see this fight being a different affair? Alex E: I don’t see my intentions changing for this fight; Nad is a tough, durable guy and has a good skill set training with a good team led by Ronnie Mann; But I will look to use my skills to look for a finish as soon as the opportunity arises. If I was going to make a prediction I would expect a first round submission; I’m the best Jiu Jitsu Fighter in MMA currently in the UK.... Q2. How Tough is it to train, work and prepare for fights at this level? Alex E: It can be difficult especially with working late nights but I try to get all my training in between 8 and 2pm after that I become a coach, business owner and security. Financially I make a lot of sacrifices and places a lot of burdens on my partner but I know the sacrifice now will pay off in the not too distant future. Q3. Do you think it is easier for American Fighters who appear to have a better local infrastructure especially in California and NYC? Alex E: No, With their being so many people in America you only see the the grass being greener and hear of the success stories and this comes down to population; the guys here have the same opportunities and if they really want success they can work to get it. Q4. How important are equipment sponsors like Fightstorepro to your role as a pro fighter? Alex E: Equipment sponsors really help with the financial burden of buying new gear or more often replacing old equipment for example a £60 set of shinguards isn’t just £60 its six hours stood outside a club when I should be resting for the next days training. People see the big name sponsored guys but when they are there they probably need it far less than the guys like me on the road to the top. Q5. If your fight on the 1st was between two famous cartoon characters who would they be, why and how would it end? Alex E: I think I’d go for Tom and Jerry; Tom is the cat but the little Jerry always manages to outsmart his foe so I think this is how it will go; I reckon Jerry might just slip by Tom when he’s least expecting it and finish with the Mata leao (Lion killer in Portuguese) CHECK OUT ALEX's last fight CWFC 65 Alex Enlund vs. Artem Lobov in the video above

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