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Buying Fight Equipment? Why Fight Store pro?

When you are buying fight equipment - especially online - it's difficult often to know whether you are dealing with a guy selling some gear out of his bedroom, whether it's a part time business which is not manned and not really able to deliver, or whether the company is even based in the country. As is often the case in the combat sports industry you think it is, but many Thai based companies showing UK phone numbers just link to an answer machine in cyber space! This means no personal service in the timeframes that you need it. Fightstorepro have been established since November 2009 and are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England.

For the first time in the company history I decided to come out of the shadows a little and to talk about who we are, why we do what we do, and why we are the best place to buy your combat sports gear in the UK.

When I started the company in 2009 I kind of wished to remain anonymous. I've been involved in UK combat sports for so many years and know so many people that I very much wished to keep the two separate, although it was useful to have the amount of contacts I already had in the sport. I also had a background of not only training and fighting, but also working at the helm of UK MMA equipment pioneers Evolution Fightwear, as well as a stint at Fighters Only Magazine.

In the early days before we became truly established I felt it better to work on the name of the company without personalizing it, but as we have grown and the Fight Store brand has become more than one guy (with a great team of 5 staff), now I feel it's the right time to make it a little more personal!

As Fight Store Pro we pushed ourselves forward but unlike many have stayed absolutely true to our ethos and refused to sell out based on bottom line or margins. Our products are simply the best on the market and although, like everyone in this business, we have to cope with constant constraints of supply chain, we work very hard to ensure a great service to the UK public.

Join our movement and buy your gear from a company who actually has involvement with the sport, the fighters and the people today!

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