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Best Boxing Gloves Under £100

In this informative review we look at the best boxing gloves under £100 available in the UK today. We picked out four candidates which we think represent the best value for money at between £50 and £100. This comparison is mainly aimed at a professional level glove for people needing a boxing glove that will serve them at any level in the game so we avoided talking about more budget range products. As mentioned in the video this price bracket is by far and away the biggest one and we could spend hours going through every option from every brand whether we sell them or not. Hayabusa, Sandee, Boon, Twins, Ringside and many, many others all produce examples in this bracket however it made sense to only pick the four we see as a truly excellent option for its price, quality and functionality; as ever the opinions expressed are those of our staff and we listen to the feedback from our many top pro's who use from the worlds of Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and Muay Thai. The Glove we chose as the best examples in the bracket were Probox "Pro Spar" Full Leather Sparring Gloves - These are literally one of the best boxers gloves available at this price we have ever seen. Almost identical in every way to a well known glove at almost twice its price we were scratching our heads as to how they manage to sell these so cheap however facts are they do and at £65 they are simply difficult to fault. Danger Super Max - The only Thai style glove we entered in here and as mentioned we could easily have picked Twins BGVL range but we included this one purely based on the price difference. The style and quality compared with Twins is a wash but a 20% price swing gave it the edge to be entered. A lot of people will like Twins Special style so the comments here can in many respects be also read as similar with that brand. Revgear S3 - We've waited on this one for a while and when the production line models arrived were not disappointed.....Far from! The design of this glove is close enough to familiar if you have ever used Reyes or any high end boxing glove but different enough to be their own man. The padding, hand compartment, wrist support and punching position is all excellent but at £79.99 almost impossible to fault. Gloves which compete with this one are all well over £100 often nearer £150 or more. At some point we need to compare this to the Rival RS11V and the Cleto Reyes as the REVGEAR S3 is more comfortable sat next to them than the gloves in the lower price ranges. Fairtex BGV9 - This glove has been around for a while and was the Fairtex answer to Reyes or so they wished. Its a well made, stylish glove with the usual Fairtex refinement the main issue is it doesn't quite do what it set out to. Its overly roomy, the padding is not what you need for an out and out boxers glove and where the BGV1 wins this one does not. The wrist Being the most expensive of the group this glove is unsure of what it wants to be and maybe with a little refinement would sit happier next to the S3 and Reyes but until it does we would say either check out Fairtex's other gloves or go for the Pro Box, Ringside super pro or Revgear S3.

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