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How to wrap your hands for boxing/MMA/Muay Thai

Fightstorepro presents the definitive guide to buying hand-wraps. If you are going to engage in any kind of punching activity, hand wraps are a must to protect the small bones in both your hand and your wrist. As any fighter will tell you, there is no worse feeling than rolling your wrists from throwing a hard shot. Therefore, you must know how to wrap your hands for boxing/MMA/Muay Thai. Handwraps are a specialist item and thought most of the key boxing and muay thai brands produce a range of similar quality handwraps, it's important to not purchase for a large sporting goods retailer as the wraps will probably be poorly made or the wrong size. As with any piece of MMA/Muay Thai/Boxing or combat sports equipment, buying quality goods that will last is better than a cheaper alternative of poor quality. That being said, wraps do come pretty cheap. They're great for protecting your hands through bag and pad workouts and are pretty much essential for any kind of heavy contact sparring too. Taking this into account, you need to decide on a size. Wraps tend to come in 120" or 180" For people with smaller hands, go for the smaller wrap as there will be a lot of excess to wrap unnecessarily. However, factor in that your hands will be made bigger by wraps and as such gloves may not fit you that did previously. Most wraps for practice will be either made from Elastic fibres that can stretch or manufactured so they do not stretch at all. Erring on the side of caution, the stretchier are the better choices if you're unsure on sizing or what to go for. Fighters who are actually competing in a bout generally have to wear real gauze bandages. Once you've purchased your handwraps, check out this video guide by Revgear on how to wrap them. Buy now: Written by Craig Thomas Boyle

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