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Twins Boxing Equipment Alternative Choices

Twins Special Muay Thai gloves are possibly the most esteemed and sought after Thai boxing gloves in the world maybe due to their visibility at Lumpinee stadium and long standing reputation for quality in the sport. However, the brand is sometimes extremely difficult to get your hands on as a customer in the UK. Twins boxing equipment has good UK distribution but people may forget how small really the sport is and although the demand is growing its certainly not a mainstream sport. However, the issue most customers end up facing is one of appeasement, having to choose similar designs or different weights of Twins just to get their hands on a pair of gloves with the famous name on them. It's consumerism that echoes Nike and Adidas, in that people will go out of their way for a pair of Twins. What many people do not realise is that despite their great quality, Twins are not the only elite brand shipping out of Thailand, nor are they the be and end all of boxing gloves and Thai Boxing Equipment. Because of the shortage in Twins that hits the UK every few months, we've decided to provide a few viable alternatives to Twins if you can broaden your horizons. At fightstore we have staff that train in both MMA and Muay Thai as well as boxing, so we know our stuff. Twins and Fairtex have been around for many years in the Thai boxing scene, and this has led to their status as top of the chain products. In reality, newer products with less of a name are top of the line in performance and quality. Boon Muay Thai Boxing Gloves - £69.99 Boon Muay Thai gloves £69.99Boon are a Muay Thai brand that have risen to prominence in Thailand in the last few years. They have invested their time wisely, producing quality products and testing them in the homeland at various camps across the country. Boon products are recognisable from their toned-down visual design that eschews fancy graphics in exchange for performance. These boxing gloves are high grain cowhide leather and have a similar build quality to Twins Special gloves, but a smaller hand compartment and less of a 'bulky' feeling combined with a tight, wrist-supporting enclosure make them a phenomenal choice in Muay Thai fight gear. Grab a pair at this link and feel the quality for yourself. Sandee Limited Edition 'Classic' boxing gloves Sandee Limited Edition "Classic" boxing glove - £72.49 Sandee are a long-term standout in the Muay Thai world. Typically available at a cheaper price point than other leading brands, Sandee is nonetheless a high quality brand. Sponsoring fighters across Thailand as well as further afield, Sandee are showing renewed confidence in the Muay Thai industry and have released a range of limited edition gloves and shinguards that are truly exceptional. With slightly toned down graphic design when compared to Twins fancy print, these gloves are a bit more visually attractive than the Boon or plain Twins gloves. They are also well made, with the finest leather in their construction as well as the wrist support problems that have troubled other Sandee gloves a thing of the past. The 'Unbreakable' logo on the thumb reflects the durability of these gloves. A great alternative at £72.49. Check them out at this link. Bargain choice: Revgear Sentinel Gel Pro boxing gloves £59.99 Revgear Gel Pro Revgear are silently producing hidden gems. The American MMA brand has long been associated with high quality mixed martial arts apparel and has been endorsed by coaches from Erik Paulson to Chute Boxe Muay Thai coach Rafael Cordeiro. Revgear produce a wide range of boxing gloves, but it is the sentinel gel pro's that have the most in common with Thai gloves due to their larger hand compartment. They are more 'boxing' style than the choices above or the Twins, as the wrist enclosure is less 'solid' than a Thai glove. However, this leads to a tighter fit which may be advantageous for someone with weaker wrists. The gel padding inserted in these gloves gives them tremendous durability and padding. If you can't get Twins and need a slightly cheaper but high class glove, give these a try at this link. We hope this list of alternatives helps you out when you're looking for a new pair of gloves. Twins and Fairtex are fantastic additions to any kit-bag, but there is a whole catalogue of great products out there for you to test out. Check out all of our products over at Written by Craig Thomas Boyle

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