Top King dethroned?

Popular Thai brand Top King have been involved in a dispute with relatively unknown boxing brand "King" based in Kent which has resulted in seeing their UK website redirected by Nominet to the site. People looking for the brand are being pushed towards buying from either Thailand itself or from often less than scrupulous Ebay sellers often selling fake products. The dispute arises from a UK Trademark issue that has rumbled on for years whilst retailers of the Top King brand in the UK have faced threats of court action for damages and raids by DTI officials under the pretense of the Top King brand goods being "Fake" King goods. Whilst Dean Saunders of King Boxing has recognized the fact the Top King brand is a stand alone brand which in the main produces products centered around Muay Thai there he has stated his frustration in his UK trademark being ignored by UK retailers whilst many UK retailers of the Top King brand have reacted angrily to threats of legal action by the South Eastern Boxing firm. Carlos Heredia who runs Top Kings European distribution was outraged by the action taken by Nominet and is in the process of taking legal action against King Boxing. The real losers here though are the many fans of the Top King brand whom in the main part have never heard of King Boxing and simply want to purchase Top King Muay Thai products. Alex Wright of Fightstoremma/Pro who was one of the first companies in the UK to stock the brand said; "Although this really isn't our fight we feel its a real shame for the fans of the Top King brand which has always been in demand due to their innovative design and great quality, I doubt anyone has really confused King Boxing and Top King Muay Thai who make such different items... Hopefully this will get resolved and we can return to stocking TK!"

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