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Tenacity vs. Revgear - UFC 191 Special

With Anthony "Rumble" Johnson and Jimi "Posterboy" Manuwa going head to head at UFC 191, it's Tenacity vs. Revgear on the cards! (To explain for the 100th time, Tenacity is Jaco's European arm due to a copyright issue meaning the Jaco name couldn't be used here.) Both brands are leading the way in terms of innovative and aesthetically pleasing products, with some excellent brand ambassadors to boot. Here, we're putting the products head to head to give you an idea of how the competition fares, though there won't be any losers in this one! Tenacity Clothing vs. Revgear Sports Clothing Ravager are more know for their training equipment than their garments, but they do have an ever popular range of shorts and vale tudos. The Centurion MMA shorts are about as comfortable and durable a pair as you'll find anywhere. The build quality is fantastic and they can stand up to the most rigorous of sessions. Tenacity are renowned for their compression wear and it's highly sought after. Their sleeved and sleeveless compression tops are excellent quality and value for money. The mesh gym shorts are a very useful addition for any type of training; on the mats or under the bar! Training Equipment Revgear really focus on having a wide range of training equipment for all of a fighter's needs. They make quality and really underrated gloves that are just as good as brands charging twice the price. The Sentinel gloves (available in black and white) are a great example of this. They have MMA gloves, shinpads, focus mitts and much, much more, meaning that it's hard to compete item for item with what they can offer. Tenacity have a smaller range as it stands, but what they do have is of a high standard. In particular, their training bags are leading the way and are huge favourites with competitive fighters and recreational trainers alike. They can suit everything from a gi and a bottle of water, to all the kit including shin pads, gloves, and plenty of room for sweaty clothes! A real must have. Overall Tenacity has a tighter range with branding and image that has real finesse and refinement. Revgear can supply everything but the kitchen sink for your martial arts training and it's good quality, but it can, at times, leave a few questions to be answered in the style department. Both have value and both should be a part of your training - check them out now! Don't forget to read 4 Ways To Turn Out The Lights: Johnson vs Manuwa UFC 191 Check out the brands in our store, and let us know whether you're #TeamTenacity or #TeamRevgear on social media!

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