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Building Home MMA & Boxing Gyms;

Building Home MMA & Boxing Gyms; 0

In March 2020 the first Covid 19 Lockdowns started taking hold, no matter what your opinion on the measures one inescapable fact was the damage it did to many peoples training regimes. Many clubs are offering online training for members but having the environment to do meaningful training, whether it’s for martial arts, boxing or for strength and fitness purposes, the inescapable fact is that within the covid 19 world you can no longer rely on your gym being open.

Kids MMA gear: A guide

Kids MMA gear: A guide 0

Mixed Martial Arts is a fantastic sport for children to get involved in. Contrary to some newspapers printing negative stories of children competin...
Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition

Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition 0

Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition was originally launched in 2006 with a commitment to bring the highest quality sports supplements to what was on...