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Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition

Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition was originally launched in 2006 with a commitment to bring the highest quality sports supplements to what was once a relatively niche market. From the outset the brand has refused to compromise on quality as the market has and continues to grow. This commitment to excellence in terms of quality of product profiles, formulas and ingredient selection has been the driving force behind the quarter of a million pound re-launch of what promises to be the most exciting brand of 2014.

As the sports nutrition market has become increasingly accessible, Smart-Tec has been fully dedicated to widening the appeal of high quality supplementation and catering for the nutritional requirements of every individual ranging from the recreational gym goer to the elite professional athlete. All of the products have been carefully selected and categorised according to three specific training and performance goals; weight management and toning, energy and endurance and strength and performance.

The brand re-launch comes with new product development as well as formula improvements to the best sellers, including DietFX, designed to support body composition improvements, control appetite and regulate metabolism and WheyFX+, an industry leading gluten free whey protein formula with an 80% protein concentration, fortified with hydrolysed whey protein isolate and digestive enzymes to improve digestion and protein absorption.

With the commitment to premium quality, the objective of the re-launch has been to widen the appeal of premium quality sports nutrition as much as possible. Therefore, the entire range has been manufactured within an Informed Sport facility ensuring that every product is fully compliant and safe for use by drug tested athletes. This in itself has proven to be a real challenge for the Research and Development at Smart-Tec; in order to release cutting edge performance enhancing sports supplements without the use of any prohibited ingredients has required hours of painstaking research, testing and continual reformulation. However, the end result is unrivalled for product innovation.

With the re-launch in late January 2014, Smart-Tec will look to increase the circulation further afield. Within the UK the range is already available online and within retail outlets from Aberdeen to London and everywhere in between, proving particularly popular with high end retailers Harrods London and Selfridge’s Manchester. The ever increasing popularity of the brand has led to recent distribution throughout Europe and as this market grows in line with the UK market, Smart-Tec will look to expand the coverage of international distributors further and wider.

Smart-Tec will invest heavily in the coming months in supporting regional and national sporting events. As they look to further inform the athletic audience as to the benefits of premium sports nutrition as well as those looking to improve body composition, Smart-Tec will feature widely at local and national MMA events and another huge investment has been set aside for the BodyPower Expo at the NEC in May 2014. With the support of elite level and international athletes on board and with more to come, Smart-Tec will look to play a big role in supporting sporting excellence from the grass roots all the way to the very top.

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