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REVGEAR University

Revgear University is a cutting edge Martial Arts and Fitness Convention slated to host it’s debut event on August 2nd & 3rd, 2014 with Pre-Convention Certification Courses being offered on July 31st and August 1st. Revgear University is much more than your traditional Martial Arts convention where the focus is generally 80% business oriented and 20% physical training oriented. At Revgear University the model has been flipped and will be the ultimate destination for academy and school owners, trainers and instructors go to be educated, inspired and recharged. The focus of Revgear University is to teach drills and skills that can be taken home and implemented at academies and schools immediately. The Martial Arts industry is evolving and changing and the goal of Revgear University is to assist those in the field to continue to evolve and succeed with the tools they need. The inaugural Revgear University is a 2-day Martial Arts education conference offering up to 18 sessions each day, featuring world renowned Martial Arts educators and influential members of the business community. The host venue for the 2014 event will be STW Self Defense & Fitness, a one of a kind impressive 60,000 sq. ft. training facility. STW Self Defense & Fitness is the largest Krav Maga training facility in the United States. The facility and gym have a membership base that exceeds 5,000 members & students and runs over 100 classes weekly, 6 days a week. Revgear University attendees are also welcome and invite to observe and participate in any classes at the Crossroads location for the duration of the University. 2014 Revgear University Venue - STW Self Defense & Fitness features:
  • 8 large spacious training rooms 2,500-10,000 sq. ft.
  • Cardio Bag room with 100- 6ft. Thai bags
  • 50 indoor cycling bikes
  • Mock 737 simulated airplane cabin for realistic training scenarios
  • Realistic 1,400 sq. ft. fully furnished "house" for home-invasion training
  • Bar for training scenarios using cue sticks, beer bottles, chairs & tables
  • Pro-shop with training gear and retail
  • Men's & Women's Locker rooms with showers
  • Women's Self Defense Seminars
At Revgear University it is guaranteed that participants will learn drills, skills and new techniques from the best Martial Arts instructors in the world. All instructors teaching in the Martial Arts or Fitness tracks currently run schools of their own or are coaches to some of the best athletes currently competing. Revgear University Pre-Convention Workshops also provide the opportunity for hands on certifications and instructor training not typically available.You will be able to implement new programs at your school and train your staff to ensure success. Revgear University instructors are world renowned and many will be presenting things that have never been seen at other conventions or seminars. In addition, some presenters have never before done a presentation at a convention allowing Revgear University to offer a unique experience and array of professionals to teach their colleagues. Revgear University presenters include: Click each instructor name above for additional information and biography information. -- While training for his black belt in the early 1990’s, Paul Reavlin found himself in need of high quality gear that did not exist in the present market which led to the founding of the Revgear brand. Since 1996 Revgear has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of martial arts equipment. Years later as martial arts styles have transformed, gyms and schools were left searching for cutting-edge continuing education programs to remain current with industry trends. This led Mr Reavlin to the idea and formation of Revgear University: a convention with groundbreaking, never-seen-before classes and workshops to help provide schools and gyms around the world the necessary tools to continue and expand their businesses.

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