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Revgear Elite Boxing Gloves Review

Having been a hit with many athletes in the US for many years, Revgear Europe have now released Revgear's Elite Leather Boxing Gloves in the UK as they look to build what is already a huge brand in the US to become just as recognised on this side of the pond. Design The first thing you will notice about these gloves is the unique rounded shape of the padding. Unlike the flatter designs of a "Mexican" style boxing glove, the high density padding on the Elite Leather Boxing Gloves cover the entire punching area for superior knuckle protection and comfort. It's slimline design and narrow profile allows you to slip punches through your opponents guard with ease and the light weight of these gloves allow quicker hand speed. Made from 100% Softech™ leather, these gloves are pre-curved to give a worn in feel from the very first time you put them on. Protection Do you find your hands sweat during long rounds of pads and bags work or sparring? The palm opening helps for increased ventilation, allowing your hands to breathe during those long rounds of training. Made with water repellant inner lining, you'll never have to worry about your gloves rotting from the inside if you leave them in your kit bag overnight. As opposed to a Thai boxers glove, which has a shorter wrist cuff allowing more movement in the clinch, a boxers glove concentrates more on wrist support, and the Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure on the Revgear Elite Boxing Gloves offer ultimate wrist support and security.

One of the other main differences between a Thai boxing glove and a Western style glove is the thumb attachment and fist. With a lot of clinch work in Thai boxing, brands like Twins and Fairtex allow you to open up your palm easier. For a boxing glove however this is not necessary and the webbed leather thumb attachment on the Elite Boxing Gloves keeps your thumb and fist locked tight in a natural fist shape.

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