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Performance is what matters

Performance; It’s what matters when it comes to any sport.
It’s not what gear you wear, how many times you train or the pictures you put on Facebook. It’s about the performance that you give every single time that you step in the cage, ring or on the mat.

Giving your very best performance every single time is what adds up to making you a great fighter. The very best fighter that you can be.

But what allows you to deliver your very best performance in practice or in competition?

It’s been fuelled by the best. The best knowledge from your coaches, the best motivation from yourselves and the very best fuel for your body. When it comes to fuelling your body you only want the best. The best fuel means the best nutrition.

When it comes to nutrition the sheer amount of conflicting information that is available at the moment confuses many people. Everyone is claiming the best approaches and it all seems to conflict with one another. So how do you pick the very best approach for you?

The answer is using a coach. Just as you use a coach for striking, wrestling, MMA and BJJ, a great nutritional coach can create a plan that is specific to you. When a plan is tailored specifically for you and your unique needs you can focus on performing your very best and becoming a world class athlete.

At Unorthodox Nutrition we dedicate ourselves to giving you the most optimal plan that will yield the greatest results in the quickest time possible. We don't use a cookie cutter plan on anybody; we assess the needs of the individual.

We've found that most people who try diets either get sick or fail at them, then presume that they can't lose weight.

We offer an individualized approach that we have used with world class athletes, that is tailored to a persons needs and life style. This starts with a full evaluation of what they are currently doing, what they are eating, how much time they have and what time constraints they have (family, kids, work, school etc). What we then do is either come up with a meal plan or a base of foods for you to eat (or can just give you calories etc) then make weekly evaluations and tweaks to the plan so you keep losing fat as you move towards your goal.

It is this adjustment and knowing what to adjust that makes the BIG differences!

Unorthodox Nutrition have been working with athletes worldwide from local stars right the way through to UFC fighters, Premiership Footballers and World Champions to help them achieve their goals in a highly efficient manner.

We specialize in helping combat athletes lose fat and gain muscle so that they can operate to the maximum of their potential during training and competition.

We also work with a number of recreational clients that have big events such as weddings, holidays and photos on the horizon.

We offer the following;

• Full evaluation for every client and their unique lifestyle and issues
• Specialized nutrition plan to support your goals and schedule
• Proven results at international sports level.
• Adjustments and tweaks to help you move optimally towards your goal.
• Full range of Nutrition Plans to suit every budget and payment option.

If you want to look or perform at the best you ever have, please don't hesitate to drop us a line and find out what we can do for you!

Stay Healthy,


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