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Interactive Fighter - Cage Warrior - Mario Rudeboy Saeed

Fightstore Pro is happy to present to you Cage Warriors fighter Mario Rudeboy Saeed. Mario is a 25 year old upcoming prospect who is on the fast track to the top. This man has compiled a 5-2 record with a handful of amateur fights and has only been training in martial arts for 5 years. I have had the pleasure of running Mario's fanpage for him and getting to know him in great detail. He is a truly inspirational figure as he is a family man with a young daughter, he works a full time job and runs his own business within that job, as well as spending hours and hours training in various gym's and Dojo's.

On average, even amongst working a 45 hour week, Mario will be in the gym training for upwards of 30 hours per week. Mario is a representive of the very tough trojan fight team and has trained with guys like Matt Ewin, Brad Scott, Stuart Austin, James Thompson and Che Mills just to mention a few. He has been training in martial arts only for a total of 5 years, showing how much of a natural prospect this man really is, it's outstanding what he has accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Mario has been a pro fighter for 3 years and already got 7 fights under his belt despite being shelved for some time with a serious injury. During training after his last victory against Wayne Drake (2-1 fighter, Mario's only win NOT by armbar!) Mario broke his neck in two places and was told it would take between 12 months and 24 months to recover. But with his wolverine like healing powers and lions hunger Mario recovered and was already back in training within 6 months after being medically cleared.

He then took the fight with Sean Carter on very very short notice (3 hours notice infact) after his original opponent pulled out. Not only did he win a lot of fans with his very competitive and spirited performance, but he proved how much heart and ability he has despite the loss. I have never met a man so motivated and hard working that I consider it to be a blessing to be a friend of his, and a priveledge to have such a direct look into his training and career.

Keep an eye out for this name, as I can guarantee he is on the way to the big leagues, Cage warriors being a start, we will see him on the big stages within the next year or two I can assure you. Keep an eye out for Mario and rest of the guys from his team Trojan Free Fighters.

Author: Geoff Ironchefcoach Stratton

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