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Fightstorepro - Our Ethos

The transition from Fightstoremma to Fightstorepro allowed the team here to reflect on who we are and what we believe in. Its been a road not unlike the one we have traveled in over 75 years of combined martial arts training (between the staff). Our Ethos is a about the "real" people, the ones in the gyms, the rings and cages up and down the UK and across the world. We've trained in Brazil, America Europe, we know the people in the combat sports world are the best people in the world and to all our many friend we dedicate this site to the dedicated amatuer and professional Combat sports practitioners all over the world. Below is a release from the Fightstorepro team we would like to share: Don’t buy from a Fight Store; Buy from a Fighters Store..... If you are involved in MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Judo or any serious combat sport you are our type of person. It takes courage, honour and dedication to progress in martial arts; it takes a particular type of person, a type of person we know well because we are that type of person. We believe in quality; we hand pick the equipment we believe is the best for the level it’s designed for, we don’t care about trends, we don’t read reviews......We take our kit to the gym, day in, day out. Fightstore MMA was our first incarnation; we dared to be different; we fought the odds and won then in 2014 we became Fightstorepro; We attained our black belt, we got our stripes. We served our time. Fightstorepro only stocks the brands it believes in; we made tough decisions and ditched top selling brands because they were no longer representing something we believed in. We are not afraid of change, we don’t follow we lead. Fightstorepro employs people involved in the sports you do; We do this so they know the products; know the score in the gym, know what it is to have your equipment right for an eight week camp; knows the importance of the fit of a glove or the protection of your shinguards. In short we know what it is to be involved because we are involved. We are the choice of people who know because we are people who know... Fightstore mma then pro was built because there was never anything like it at the time; it was the store we would buy from; it’s the store you would walk across town and pass ten like it to get to, the cafe you would wait ten minutes for a coffee when next doors serves you straight away, the restaurant you book a week early to get a table. If you love our store then when you step in the cage, the ring, the gym or the street you left no stone unturned; we know you didn’t because we didn’t.

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