EA UFC game teaser trailer

The EA UFC game is just around the corner. Targetted for a spring release, the game looks absolutely amazing and has so many advanced features it'd be exhaustive to list. However, videos and screenshots of the game have been drip-fed and teased for months without showing much of the actual content. FightstorePRO is proud to present the first gameplay trailer released by EA. Visible below, this game looks to be the next generation of fight video game and shows just how far technology has come on since the early PS1/2 and Xbox days when UFC: Throwdown and UFC: Tapout were doing the rounds. From the looks of things, the fighters are almost photo-realistic. How far a long have video games come since the early days of the UFC and the early days of gaming technology. It almost seems feasible now to imagine a future in which virtual reality is a possibility. Written by Craig Thomas Boyle

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