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Making Boon Thai Shorts

Muay Thai shorts are the staple of Thai boxing. No one item or article of clothing has as much association with the far eastern sport. Sure, the Mongkol and Thai pads are synonomous with Muay Thai, but flashy Muay Thai shorts are recognised the world over.

Muay Thai fighters overseas tend to wear branded Thai shorts from their favourite brands or their favourite designs. Fairtex, Twins and Top King are all well known brands but Boon sports in Thailand is emerging as one of he best. In a short space of time Boon have risen to the forefront of Muay Thai in Thailand and their products are seen across the globe. Sponsoring many Thai champions, Boon frequently produce custom equipment for their fighters. Below is an example of how a pair of shorts is made. Hand made quality is something almost invaluable in a world of processing and machines and Boon's attention to detail and build quality speaks for itself. How shorts are made As you can see, from start to finish these shorts are built by hand and crafted to the best quality. Boon provide gear for many of Thailand's best fighters as well as sponsor Muay Thai gyms and camps around the country. You can get your hands on Boon equipment and shorts in our store at Written by Craig Thomas Boyle

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