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Tear Drop Punching Bag By Revgear

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The Revgear Tear Drop Punching bag stands out as one of the finest options available globally, catering perfectly to both kickboxing and boxing enthusiasts. With its substantial weight (30kg when filled), it boasts exceptional stability during training sessions. This bag's popularity among leading trainers worldwide further solidifies its reputation.

Renowned for its quality, REVGEAR's signature range of Heavy punch and kick bags distinguishes itself through its superior materials and noteworthy distinction – these bags are proudly manufactured in the United States. Esteemed training centers like CSW, Kings Gym in Huntingdon, Sityodtong in Boston, and Gracie Fighter CA have embraced these bags, attesting to their unmatched quality.

Crafted from the finest synthetic leather available, these bags feature meticulously triple-stitched seams and reinforced nylon straps, embodying unparalleled durability. Whether you're establishing a professional gym or setting up your training space at home, these bags offer an outstanding choice.


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The Teardrop Punching Bag Features:


  • The Revgear Tear Drop Punching Bag is great for practising clinching, knees, kicks, overhand punches and so much more…
  • Ultra heavy-duty synthetic leather
  • Multi-fibre filling
  • Reinforced nylon straps with heavy-duty D-rings
  • 60 lbs
  • 14″ x 35″ tall


Additional recommendations

We recommend that you also buy a set of swivels to reduce strain on the straps of your bag. Without them, there's a higher chance of damaging your bag. We stock Heavy Weight Swivels (rated for up to 50kg) and Commercial Weight Swivel (rated for up to 65kg).


Please allow 5-10 working days for filling and delivery



Uses for Teardrop Bags

Teardrop bags are typically found in Thai boxing, kickboxing & MMA gyms. They are used for practicing knees as they allow for the use of forearms to maneuver the bag to replicate clinching and provide a push/pull motion when throwing knees (such as you would do with an opponent). 


How to hang the bag

To get started you'll need the following: swivel straps, a wall mount or ceiling bracket.

To hang a teardrop punching bag, select a robust spot with sufficient vertical room. Mount a heavy-duty bracket or hanger onto a ceiling beam or wall stud using suitable hardware. Confirm the bracket's firm attachment. Suspend the teardrop bag using sturdy chains or straps, adjusting the height as desired. Prioritise stability and safety before engaging in any punches or strikes.



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