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Adidas Cactus Pro Head Guard

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Elevate your performance with the Adidas Cactus Leather Pro Head Guard, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that perfectly balances premium protection with environmental responsibility.

This elite head guard is meticulously crafted from sustainable cactus leather sourced from Mexico, offering a robust and eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials.
Featuring thick foam padding, the Adidas Cactus Leather Pro Head Guard ensures optimal shock absorption, protecting you from the hardest impacts during training or competition. The interior is lined with a soft and breathable fabric, providing ultimate comfort and maintaining ventilation to keep you cool under pressure.

The secure lace system guarantees a snug fit that stays in place, enhancing your safety and confidence in the ring. Additionally, an extra foam piece on the top of the head offers increased protection, safeguarding vulnerable areas without compromising mobility. CE-approved for its safety and quality, the Adidas Cactus Leather Pro Head Guard sets new standards in the industry, merging top-tier functionality with sustainability.

Key Features:

● Eco-Friendly Cactus Leather: Sustainably sourced from Mexico, offering durability and
a reduced environmental footprint.
● Shock Absorption: Thick foam padding provides excellent impact resistance.
● Comfort and Breathability: Features a soft, breathable lining for enhanced comfort and airflow.
● Secure Lace Closure: Ensures a reliable fit that adjusts to your needs and keeps the
guard firmly in position.
● Added Protection: Includes additional foam on the top of the head for extra safety.
● CE Certification: Meets high safety and performance standards, ensuring quality

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