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Choosing the best fight gloves to use on Bags and Pads for Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and more

"What gloves should I use for hitting bags and pads?"

One of the most common questions we get asked at Fightstorepro is about getting the right gloves for hitting bags and pads. Many people don't spend that much time, if any, sparring so when it comes to hitting bags and pads they often are unsure of their best option for hand protection. 

The Fight sport you do....Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kick boxing....?

This is the one of the only times you will hear me say this, but largely the sport you do when it comes to hitting bags and pads is not the primary concern. The major question when it comes to bags and pads is all about hand protection.

Hand Wraps...

Wrapping your hands for all but the lightest sessions is absolutely imperative, I made this little video on this subject alone a little while ago and everything said stand watch it here....Handwraps video


In the Guide to choosing the best gloves for bags and pads below I compare the gloves that people commonly buy, their reasoning for doing so and then offer my perspective on the rights and wrongs of it.

As I mention a couple of times in the video itself, if you are at a pro level and know how you like to do things then essentially this video may not concur with your thinking, however the video is really aimed at people who need a basic guide to best practice. 


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