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Choosing the Right Boxing Gloves for Hitting Bags and Pads

From the YouTube Channel, Gear Guru Alex shares the ins and outs of choosing the right type of glove to use for hitting bags or doing pad work. To start off with, he shares that a very common glove purchase is, in fact, a 4oz MMA Competition Glove.

The issue with a lot of the gloves that Alex talks about, and an issue he will say in the video, is that a lot of the gloves people use to hit bags are NOT bag gloves. They're marginally better than using bare knuckle, but all in all, a lot of people are making this mistake when it comes to choosing a good bag glove. The 4oz MMA glove is fully intended for MMA fighting in competition. The second MMA glove, is the slightly bulkier MMA Sparring glove. This glove is, like the name suggests, built for sparring and will disintegrate dishearteningly quickly if used for hitting a bag or pads for any length of time that you would use a regular bag glove for. 

Moving onto the dedicated Bag Gloves, when used in conjunction with a good wrap that's focused on the knuckles, can work for almost any angle of striking that you could hope for. Alex draws a comparison in this vein to the 4oz MMA Competition glove, and points out that a lot of bag mitts have a similar level of padding, albeit a little further spread out which makes a dedicated Bag Mitt a preferable alternative to MMA level competitors who will be training and using a bag and/or pads.

The Boxing Gloves are up next, with the Fairtex BVG9, which was Fairtex's attempt at a western Boxing Glove rather than a Muay Thai Glove. The ins and outs of this glove, is that it's light on padding. A criticism Alex has mentioned once or twice in the past has actually, this time, turned into a positive, as when combined with a wrap, the BGV9 is an ideal glove for hitting bags and pads with. Although expensive as a dedicated bag glove, the regular boxing glove also serves double duty if you have other purposes for the glove like technical work with a partner, or sparring. 

A quick word about sizing, generally there's more preference involved, but between a 14oz and a 16oz is a good size if you're using your gloves for more than just hitting bags, as it does help with keeping the hand protected with sparring and against certain punch bags like the Century BOB. Lower sizes like 8oz or 10oz are generally better for targeting. 

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