13KGHT80 Revgear Essentials Muay Thai Groin Guard – FightstorePro
Revgear Essentials Groin Guard - FightstorePro
Revgear Essentials Groin Guard - FightstorePro
Revgear Essentials Groin Guard - FightstorePro
Revgear Essentials Groin Guard - FightstorePro

Revgear Essentials Muay Thai Groin Guard

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The most popular groin guard for Muay Thai training and competition in the UK. Available in black & white in S, M, L, and XL. 


What is a Muay Thai groin guard?

A Muay Thai groin guard is a protective equipment worn by fighters during training and competition to shield the groin area from strikes and impacts.


Why is it essential to wear a groin guard in Muay Thai?

Wearing a groin guard in Muay Thai is crucial to protect the sensitive groin area from accidental kicks, knees, or strikes during sparring or fights, reducing the risk of serious injuries.


What types of materials are commonly used in Muay Thai groin guards?

Muay Thai groin guards are typically made of durable materials such as synthetic leather, genuine leather, or a combination of materials to provide both comfort and protection.


How do I choose the right size for a Muay Thai groin guard?

It's important to select a groin guard that fits snugly without being too tight or too loose. Manufacturers often provide sizing charts based on waist measurements to help you choose the right size.


Can women use the same type of guard as men in Muay Thai?

While there are unisex groin guards, some manufacturers offer specific designs for men and women to accommodate anatomical differences and provide better comfort and protection.


Do Muay Thai groin protector also protect against low kicks?

Yes, Muay Thai groin guards are designed to protect against a variety of strikes, including low kicks. They provide coverage for the entire groin area, offering comprehensive protection.


How do you clean and maintain a Muay Thai groin guard?

Cleaning instructions may vary based on the material, but most groin guards can be wiped down with a damp cloth. It's essential to let them air dry thoroughly and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight for extended periods.


Can you wear a Muay Thai groin guard under or over your shorts?

Most fighters prefer to wear the groin guard under their shorts for a more secure fit. However, personal preference plays a role, and some fighters may choose to wear it over their shorts.


Are there specific rules regarding Muay Thai groin guards in competitions?

Muay Thai competitions often have guidelines regarding the type and quality of groin guards allowed. It's essential to check with the event organizers to ensure your groin guard meets the required standards.


Do Muay Thai groin guards offer any additional features for comfort or protection?

Some groin guards come with additional padding, ventilation features, or ergonomic designs for enhanced comfort and protection. Consider these features based on your preferences and needs when selecting a groin guard for Muay Thai.


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