Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Compared

Boxing Gloves Guru Alex Wright & #1 Ranked LHW Muay Thai Fighter Juan Cerventes look over some of the best Muay Thai boxing gloves available on the market today from Fairtex, Twins, Revgear and Danger Equipment. Looking at all aspects of the gloves including build quality, materials, construction, hand position, usage in training and durability this comprehensive review gives you all the information you need to make the right choice when buying boxing gloves for Muay Thai or K1 style kick boxing. In this comprehensive look at the options on the market we compare: We brought along Juan Cerventes currently ranked (March 2016) #1 in UK Muay Thai at Light heavy weight of Northern Kings Gym in Newcastle Upon Tyne to add an outside opinion to our view of the gloves on the market today. We included Sandee although we don't sell the glove as its such a popular option in UK Muay Thai but for Fightstorepro its not a glove we wish to sell on the site. All the opinions stated are exactly that and albeit Alex and Juan have a wealth of experience and expertise in this area its still very much down to hand size and preferences. In this series we look at all aspects of the gloves including design, construction, build quality and some of the aspects such as choosing a glove that is correct for your body weight and type. These important factors are often not well considered when people buy boxing gloves with people often choosing gloves based on the image rather than the fit so its the intention of Fightstorepro to try to give a full view of needs and requirements when you buy. Ideally we'd like everyone of you to come to the store and try your gloves before you buy but we know that's impractical which is why we are dedicated with this video series to putting forward the best information.

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