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Boxing Sparring Gloves; 4 Top Gloves compared and reviewed

Boxing Sparring Gloves are one of the staple tools of the modern combat sports athlete/martial arts fighter and at this is certainly an area we take pride in providing the best examples in the world to our customers. One of the things we have seen over the last 6 years is how often these choices though are not made on much more than what the photo on the web page looks like. The way I started Fightstorepro was literally after seeing how many unsuitable and often terrible gloves my students at the time at Cyclone MMA were bringing into sparring so back in the day I bought 20 pairs of Windy 14oz and 16oz boxing gloves and insisted my guys bought them... the rest is maybe history. A Boxing sparring glove is generally either a 14 or 16oz however very small guys/gals can get away with a 12oz especially if its as well padded as say the Revgear Sentinel featured in the video (although I'd not recommend the same with the Reyes) Their Primary function is for striking a person not a bag or a pad and this is really one of the things that comes up over and over again. Bare in mind the functional intention of the product you are buying when you buy it, if you want bag gloves and don't need the item for sparring then much of the advice in the video might be less relevant. Glove Fit and Wraps. If you are sparring generally speaking you should be using handwraps. I'm not getting into the ins and outs of this here but to say that wrapping your hands before using boxing gloves is essential. In the video I mention with the Twins glove that there is no space for a wrap, this would have been true with a Fairtex or Sandee too and although a much smaller person (Perhaps of Thai descent) might not have the same issue with a 14oz glove its always important to ask is their room in the glove for a good wrap on your hands, if the answer is no then you need a larger glove and by that I mean larger in terms of the hand compartment not the weight of the glove. The 4 Gloves Comparison In the video I decided to compare four gloves that are some of the most popular at Fightstore. They range in price from £65 - £187 but as you will hear in the video the price once you get past £60 is not the true indicator of the function or quality of the glove and if you are making a good choice then its all ab out whats right for your style and your body shape. That said we would generally say when you are buying boxing gloves you need to spend around the £60 mark to get something worth using in a club context where you are sparring and using with other people. The Gloves Featured 1.Twins Special Boxing Gloves (AIR) - £79.99 (the Twins Fancy Print versions are £84.99) 2. Ringside Super Pro Sparring - £109.99 3. Revgear Sentinel Pro Boxing Glove - £64.99 4. Cleto Reyes Velcro Sparring Glove - £195 (Price adjusted for the sizing) We chose the four featured gloves to show a real range and also price range; We could have added several from the "Thai" boxing style category but we felt the Twins was the best example to show a typical Thai option. The point made about how tight the Twins glove is on the video is true also of both Fairtex, Sandee, Yakkao and some of the Top King range although other points about the Twins made are specific to the Twins glove and should not be seen as a generic Thai gloves review. The other three gloves are all in many ways similar with the "Mexican" profile and good quality leather. Watch the video and if you are in the market for a new set of boxing gloves then hopefully the video will help make your choice. I've put in a lot of industry knowledge as well as practical information so I hope you enjoy it and consider the points made next time you buy!

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