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UFC offers new bonus

The Ultimate fighting championship is the biggest MMA organisation in the world, comprising of fighters from across the globe from varying backgrounds all competing at the highest level. Naturally, the UFC draws comparisons to Boxing and other combat sports. Whilst gaining popularity, it can't be ignored that fighters in the UFC get paid far less than athletes at the highest level in other sports. A typical signing contract with the UFC is 6k to fight and 6k on top if you win. That makes a $12,000 dollar wage for a winning fighter. If fighting on average 3 times a year that equates to a $36,000 yearly salary. With today's economic climate, poorer fighters would be overjoyed to make that much. However, that wage is only if a fighter wins all their fights. However, with enough wins and a good contract, some fighters do earn a great deal, with GSP and Anderson Silva both earning in the millions of dollars for their fights. If you do well in the UFC, you're looked after. But the problem is that fighters will never earn the kind of money a professional boxer will earn. However, you do earn a good wage and it's the most money you'll ever receive fighting professionally. Counter-balancing this are paying sponsors and the UFC's bonus scheme and the 'Locker room' bonuses people often talk about. Whilst rarely disclosed, it is widely accepted the UFC hands out bonuses to fighters that have done well but not won an official bonus. However, the most prevalent kind of bonus are the three available to be handed out at every event: Submission of the night, Knockout of the Night and Fight of the Night. These bonuses are great, offering a fighter added incentive to perform and gain an additional 50-60,000 dollars from their bout. Today the UFC have introduced a new 'Performance of the night' bonus to REPLACE submission and Knockout of the night, so fighters who don't get a finish but put on a great show will still be in the running to win. "Effective immediately, UFC will award “Fight of the Night Bonuses” to each of the fighters in the best fight of the night, as well as additional “Performance of the Night Bonuses” to the two best individual performances on the card. The bonus amounts will remain $50,000. The “Performance of Night” bonuses will reward the athletes who put on the best and most exciting individual performances." -From the UFC Will this bonus add yet another revenue stream to a fighter? I think it's a great move for the UFC, who are already paying good money to their longer-term athletes, to share wealth back to the fighters. We're already looking forward to the next fight card to see who picks it up! Written by Craig Thomas Boyle

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