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UFC magazine refreshed!

A press release landed in my inbox from the UFC today, announcing that the organisation's magazine distribution is going to be handled by Future US. This puts the UFC in a powerful position in terms of publishing, as the American company can now expect to see sales and readership increase due to Future US's influence and digital presence. A company that has always been tech-savvy, the UFC uses social media to great effect. Their magazine, UFC 360, however, has almost fallen behind despite the use of beautiful, glossy images and high production values. However, this new deal offers a brand new horizon for the UFC's staple magazine. Future US is an international media group that deals in both print and digital distribution. "They have operations in the UK, US and Australia creating more than 200 publications, apps, websites and events. They hold market-leading positions in Technology, Games, Guitar, Creative and Sport & Auto sectors and attract more than 57 million monthly global unique users to their websites, which include,, Future sold more than 19 million magazines last year, that’s 37 magazines sold every minute." This deal with the UFC will pave way to new ideas and innovation when it comes to the magazine being available on tablets, e-readers and on digital forms. The new digital property will be migrated to futurefolio, a fully interactive content platform designed by Future US. “Teaming up with Future US is a great step in making UFC 360 a multi-platform magazine that will engage the most passionate UFC fans worldwide,” said Craig Borsari, EVP of Operations & Production for UFC. “UFC 360 has a stellar editorial team and by combining fight coverage with a new look and enhanced digital capabilities, Future US is bringing out the best in what we have to offer to a wider audience.” The first future US issue will be available from April the 1st. Annual subscriptions are available for $19.99 to american customers. UK prices not solidified yet. “We’re thrilled to add UFC 360 to Future US’ portfolio of media properties,” said Rachelle Considine, president, Future US. “The UFC has a tremendously active and loyal community of fans who are always looking for new and engaging information on the sport. We pride ourselves in producing and delivering innovative content that people care about. We are excited to do so with such an amazing brand like the UFC.” To read more go to: Written by Craig Thomas Boyle (With sections from an official UFC press release)

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