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Thai Shin Guards Reviewed and Compared

From the YouTube channel, Gear Guru Alex talks through some of the best picks for Thai Shin Guards. All of these Shins are made of synthetic leather, or Syntek Leather, and are available here on

The picks are:

The Fairtex SP5 started as Fairtex's bottom of the range shin guard, and is a long lasting, light weight synthetic shin that uses the Top King hook and loop system. With a strong layer of padding and the heavier style of protection, as the shin guard comes up in line with the knee, the longevity of the SP5 is pretty clear in the example shown in the video. With minimal wear and tear, save for the split in the foot protector/shin area which IS common and is definitely one to consider for your training needs.

The Revgear Thai Original Shin Guard has a similar high curve to the SP5, but with a more ergonomic design to the foot protector. Made in Thailand from lightweight Syntek leather and offers a higher level of protection than the SP5.

It should be stated, this isn't a pros vs cons look at the different Shins on our list. Some people will prefer a lighter shin for mobility, and others will prefer a much thicker, more protective shin.

The benefits and drawbacks of leather vs synthetic leather is also important to state. While leather is comfortable and generally more protective than syntek, synthetic leather does boast a cheaper cost, with comparable comfort and durability to their full leather counterparts.

For more on the other Shin Guards, please watch the video.

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