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Fighter Photography

The beautiful images that adorn glossy magazines and are seen all over the internet have a story too. In the world of fashion its generally accepted that superstar photographers shoot the glamorous models and then are edited into the images that attack our senses from all sides in our media driven world but in the fight game the bar is being raised too. Rebecca Holmes has been shooting fighters for the last two years and been front cover of MMA Plus magazine; featured in MMA Uncaged and her photos seen across multiple platforms all over the world. The fighters she has shot includes Ross Pearson, Andy Ogle, Jimi Manuwa, Mike Wilkinson and Colin Fletcher whilst her Photography and video work has been featured by the UFC, BAMMA and Cagewarriors amongst others. "I like to know something about the person I'm shooting it helps me personalize the image and ultimately product a better image, I thought too many shots in the fight industry seem to be the same shot usually done in the same way, I've just tried to bring a little character into my shoots which maybe makes them less versatile but at the same time memorable" says Rebecca. Fighters love the pictures she takes and the released versions almost always end up being their profile shots and used on every medium going. Its a pretty good endorsement. Her business partner Scott Harker is producing high quality work for brands in both the fight game and in fashion so between them its a pretty interesting team. In the last few years Portrait photography in MMA has become very visible in mainstream media and that trend will almost certainly continue. Anderson Silva, GSP and several others have been found outside the usual MMA media and inside the covers of far more mainstream culture which is something that shows the progression and general interest level in the sport.

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