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Rival RS11V Boxing Gloves Review

Aesthetics The first thing that's striking about these these gloves is the aesthetics. Featuring a sleek logo print on the gloves and embroidery on the wrist strap, these gloves are evolutionary in boxing glove design. Coming in a range of standard colours, these gloves are also available in a unique and striking lime green! Enough of the aesthetics talk, though. What we really want to know is; does the performance of these gloves back up their looks? Comfort and Protection Personally I'm more of a performance over aesthetics guy, but that wasn't going to stop me testing these Rival gloves. The first thing you will notice when putting these gloves on is how comfortable they feel. The 3D mesh palm and inner lining will make your hand feel like it's wrapped in cotton wool. We get a lot of guys coming into our Newcastle city centre store who are just as surprised by how comfortable these gloves are when they try them on. The AirFlow Control system allows your hands breathe and keep them cool and comfortable, and the extra thick 50mm layered foam padding keeps your hands protected through long rounds of intense sparring, but where the Rival RS11V Sparring Boxing Gloves really excel is the innovative dual angle "V" strap Wrist-lock 2, using Rival's trademark 15° angle cuff. The wrist support is exceptional and I'd be as bold to say it must be the best glove out there in this department. It locks everything from the middle of your forearm to the base of your thumb solid. These gloves have an extra secure fit and has a narrow fit like a fight glove allowing for you to spar safely with a glove similar to what is worn come fight time. Conclusion Overall I'm yet to find a better sparring glove; they are constructed with a very high quality synthetic leather, extremely soft and comfortable inner lining, ultimate protection at every angle and are lightweight allowing you to move quickly during sparring as opposed to other bulky 16oz gloves. I'd recommend anyone to come into our store and try these gloves on to really understand the quality and value of these gloves.

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