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Revgear Bag Spotlight: The Transformer

"The Revgear Transformer duffle bag is the essential gear bag for any athlete. The Transformer doubles as a backpack via straps that store away in a zip pocket when not in use. Made of heavy nylon, the Transformer can be used and abused more than your training partner. Whether you stuff it with Thai pads, boxing gloves, headgear or clothes for your vacation this bag will handle your needs. Dual outer pockets and an internal pocket for your keys, wallet and mouthpieces are just some of the key features to look forward to when getting your hands on this bag . If you’re looking for a gear bag with lots of features and professional build quality look no further, the Transformer is a real bang for your buck." -From Revgear. Introducing the Transformer Bag! Just like your favourite giant robots, Revgear's Transformer bag can change forms to cater to your every need. It comes in a design that is ruggedly effective and lacks frills and pomp. Instead, it's a black finish with a white Revgear logo emblazoned on the bag. Big enough to fit Shin-guards and boxing gloves and all sorts in together, the unique feature here is the ability to TRANSFORM! Backpack Joking aside, the Transformer bag is a great choice for anyone with a load of gear and not a great way to carry it. Simplifying the task, the bag can be easily changed from a duffel bag to a backpack. It's made from Nylon and Polyester and is designed to be durable. Revgear has a reputation for no-frills, professional quality equipment and this bag finally answers the demand fighters have who need to carry their gear in a comfortable fashion. Revgear have answered a question I have often found myself asking: How can I heft all this stuff around together without getting uncomfortable. The Transformer bag is a solution to that problem. Sure, as I have stated, you can just pack less stuff, but someday you'll need all your kit at once. Perhaps you or one of your team-mates will be fighting or competing and you need a way to get all your Boxing gloves, Thai Pads, Shin Guards, Wrestling Boots, tape, handwraps and all that other stuff. There's only one place in the UK to grab this awesome kitbag and its out over at our store:
Written by Craig Thomas Boyle

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