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RDX Go Pro?

Those within the combat sport world – and plenty outside of it - will more than likely have come across the brand, RDX. Founded in 1999 in North West England, RDX have established themselves as one of the UK’s largest multi-discipline combat sports brands, with a huge range of products covering everything from boxing and MMA to Thai and Taekwondo. The question is have they significantly changed from their claim to fame as the UK's #1 Ebay Fight brand? With their own manufacturing factory and a sizeable distribution facility, they’ve been able to pump out products at bargain prices. As a result, RDX have been able to develop successful distribution agreements with some of the UK’s – and indeed world’s – most prominent high-street retailers. And, therein lies the problem; at least for us here at Fightstore Pro. It’s a question of quality, finish and whether the products can really cut it in the professional end of the market; Up until recently RDX had a case of a largely uninspiring range that satisfies the needs of the less well informed mass market more than the genuinely engaged niche. Put simply, the brand has never really offered a product or range that’s of a quality or standard that meets the need of the more serious combat sport athlete. They have released a "Pro" Range, revamped their branding and are sponsoring people all over the place, their success selling low end gear on Ebay has obviously worked financially but Fightstorepro has a principal of selling only what our guys would truly use at a given price point. It’s fair to say the brand won’t quickly dismiss the strategy that has made them so successful. And why should they; the formula worked. It remains to be seen though as to whether they can shake the Ebay label and produce equipment of a standard that Pro's would buy. We saw brands in the past make pro lines which were largely thrown in the cupboard by even their sponsored fighters once the photo shoot was finished. RDX are building a stable of high-quality athletes under #TeamRDX and MMA fans may well be familiar with the brand’s recent sponsorship deal with BAMMA, lifting them towards a more committed and informed market. Again the question is does this translate to their gear being genuinely good or just money to throw at brand perception? Perhaps unsurprisingly, boxing gloves are a key feature in the new pro range, with no less than five lace-up options and a leather Velcro glove to choose from. With glove prices ranging from £79.99 to £119.99 and plenty of high-tech foams and gels on show, the range rdx-a4reinforces their mission to move towards a more demanding and educated market. For us, RDX making some better looking products and pushing into a better space is commendable but there are hundreds of brands running for this space and the mantra of FSPRO has always been "The Fighters Choice" Whilst they may well improve over time and there is nothing wrong with the new Pro range there is no obvious reason to place unproven ranges alongside brands such as Fairtex and Revgear that have produced quality fight gear for over twenty plus years. Or, as ever, we’re always available at the end of the phone to discuss the products in more detail. Give us a call on 0191 435 3624.

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