MMA Fashion is dead? Enter the UFC Uniform

Ever since Jon Jones entered the cage wearing head to toe UFC Apparel the days of multiple brands entering the famous octagon have probably been numbered. The organisation since its beginnings in the 90's have come out on top in every round they have fought towards MMA dominance and the latest information to come from reliable sources is that the advent of an all fighter uniform for the promotion WILL become a reality in the none too distant future. The question of what this will mean for the wider MMA industry will be something else but what it will mean for sure is a major change in the MMA Fashion landscape probably to reflect more of what has happened in other non team sports such as Boxing, Surfing, many of the extreme sports and Athletics where top sportsmen gain major endorsements but the lower ranks will be unlikely to be able to attract sponsorship dollars from companies who would prefer to invest their money in major established names. Although no deal is currently established the UFC have stated “We continue to speak to many potential partners and will make an announcement when we reach an agreement,” The main rumour is US Sports manufacturer Under Armour will gain the prized contract with the worlds top MMA promotion however with interest from NIKE last year and other top sports brands with interests in combat sports it is certainly not inconceivable that we could see any one of the sporting household names replace familier MMA fashion brands such as Hayabusa, Venum or Badboy as the new generation of fighters walks into the cage. UFC President Dana White recently reported that they were working on a deal where small spots on the shorts would be reserved for management companies individual sponsors but the changes to the system would without a doubt see a major shift in how this was used. One of the effects this could well have for many management companies is a move towards other promotions whilst building fighter careers and a greater interest in from the brands around the sports in supporting them. The UFC will almost certainly continue to be the platform for the top level of the sport as far as anyone could foresee but its moves towards a more standard sports format compared to its historic approach could also see a resurgence in the fortunes of other promotions where developing fighters might prefer to stay longer before entering the gates of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. More on this story as it develops!

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